William Ruto declared Kenya’s next President

August 17, 2022

William Ruto declared Kenya’s next President

President-elect William Ruto is at this moment the big winner of Kenya Elections 2022. The candidate for United Democratic Alliance (UDA) says it is time to move forward to address the problems in his country.

However, his rival, Raila Odinga, is not ready to concede and is prepared to take things to court. The August 9 election saw the triumph of Ruto with 50.49% of the vote versus 48.85% for his opponent, according to the results put out by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

This tense political situation could not come at a worse time for the African nation. Kenya is facing high unemployment, an economy that is struggling, and a debt crisis.

William Ruto claims victory in Kenya

For the 55-year-old Deputy President, a new era is on the way, and there is no time to waste. Ruto, a man who grew up in poverty, says he is ready to write a new chapter in the history of East Africa’s largest economy.

The politician describes himself as a hustler that will change the nature of power in Kenya. The country has often been governed by people who came directly from the elites.

Ruto is set to become the country’s fifth president since independence was declared in 1963. In his victory speech, he said that critics never expected him to reach this far.

He became Deputy President in 2013, sharing a ticket with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

All is not simple with the doctor in ecology. He faced corruption charges in 2011 and was accused of crimes against humanity for allegedly pushing violence after the 2007 election. He was not found guilty.

Raila Odinga vows to fight all the way

Odinga, who was running for president for the fifth time, says he intends to contest the final result. He is the son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s first Vice President.

In his bid to contest the election, he received a boost after four election commissioners accused the chairman of mishandling the situation. The commission has seven members.

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission vice chair Juliana Cherera calls the number of votes totaling 100.1% a “mathematical absurdity.”

Odinga’s running mate, Martha Karua, a former justice minister, told supporters that she believes that they will prevail in what could be a very long legal battle.

The future of Kenya is in the balance

The evolution of this fight is really important for the region. Kenya needs to keep its image as a very stable country. It is also an essential ally for the Western alliance in Africa.

Big corporations like Alphabet Inc have regional headquarters in Kenya. The country is also seen as an example when it comes to democracy in Africa.

Ruto, who did not have the support of outgoing President Kenyatta, will have to find the right message to unite Kenya in the face of many challenges.

He has said that he is prepared for a legal battle as he continues to work on the next administration. Kenyatta and Ruto had a significant fallout in 2018, and the current Kenyan leader backed Odinga in the presidential race.

Experts say the population was not excited by the two candidates and saw them as more of the same.

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