Georgia Senate runoff election: Warnock vs Walker odds & analysis

November 15, 2022

Georgia Senate runoff election: Warnock vs Walker odds & analysis

When neither candidate receives the required percentage of votes, in this case, 50%, a runoff election is held to choose the winner of the particular contest. In Georgia, runoff elections are simpler than general elections in that the winner is the one who receives the most votes. Find our Georgia Senate runoff election odds and analysis below.

Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, a Democrat, will face Republican candidate Herschel Walker in a runoff on December 6 despite the fact that Democrats have secured 50 seats in the Senate.  Notably, the runoff’s logistics will be different from those of previous years.

In less than two years, one of Georgia’s Senate candidates will fail to garner a simple majority of the vote for the second time in the election. Both Senate races in the 2020 election went to the second round of voting. In the end, on January 5, 2021, Warnock and Democratic candidate Sen. Jon Ossoff beat incumbent Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. The two Democrats’ victory sealed the party’s hold on the Senate. Here’s a look at the history of the state’s runoff system.

How runoff will it work in Georgia’s Senate Race?

According to Georgian law, the top two vote-getters go to the runoff election. After Tuesday’s election, when 99% of the ballots had been counted, Warnock had a lead over Walker of more than 48,700. The remaining top two vote-getters advances to the runoff if one of the candidates who is entitled to advance withdraws, passes away, or is determined to be ineligible.

The Georgia legislature passed a voting law last year that, among other modifications, reduced the nine-week period between the general election and runoff to just 28 days. The 98-page measure stated that the lengthy nine-week runoffs in 2020 “were draining for candidates, donors, and electors.” The runoff election for this year will be held on December 6. Voters who registered after the deadline, which was Nov. 7, the Monday before the midterm elections, won’t be eligible to cast ballots in the runoff.

Warnock vs Walker Odds & Analysis

Warnock and Ossoff’s victories in the runoff in 2021 gave Democrats their slender Senate majority and made them the first Democrats to be elected to the Senate in Georgia since 2000. Ossoff was chosen to serve a six-year term that would end in 2026. To fill the remaining two years of Republican Senator Johnny Isakson’s term when he resigned, Warnock won a special election. Warnock is now seeking reelection to a full term. President Biden was able to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package as well as a significant climate, health care, and tax plan with only Democratic support because of the party split in the upper chamber; where Democrats and Republicans each control 50 seats and Vice President Kamala Harris casts tie-breaking votes.

According to Jazzsports Democrats are battling to keep control of the Senate in this election year, and the results of three races—in Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada—will be crucial. Democrats just need 50 seats to maintain control of the upper chamber; Republicans only need 51. According to CBS News, the race for control of the Senate is a toss-up, with Democrats expected to hold 48 seats to Republicans’ 49, meaning that whichever party wins two of the three remaining contests would take control of the chamber.

If the contests in Arizona and Nevada are split between the two parties, Georgia’s outcome will determine which party controls the upper house. Likewise, Georgia’s contest loses significance if one party wins both Arizona and Nevada.

2022 Georgia Senate Odds

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2022 Georgia Senate Election
Herschel Walker (R) +325
 Raphael Warnock -465

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