December 31, 2020

Trump 2024

Political News – Will Trump be the Republican Nominee in 2024?

When an incumbent president loses the election, they will very often fade out of the limelight rather quickly. This is not likely to be the case with Donald Trump; though, as there is already talk of him starting his own news network and taking another run for office in 2024. The latter idea was even floated in the days following the election; when things began to turn in favor of Joe Biden.

As it stands right now, Donald Trump still has a solid base of supporters; but he will need to stay in the public spotlight if he is to maintain that. Four years is a long time in politics, and the ride can shift dramatically in that time. Recent polls suggest that the president is in with a legitimate shot at taking another run in 2024.

Results of a Republican Voters Poll

Gallup recently conducted a poll among Republican voters, which showed that a whopping 87% approved of the president’s job performance. That number is consistent with other polls showing Donald Trump having an 89% approval rating among Republican voters. While there is plenty of time for other potential candidates to overcome those ratings; it will not be an easy task.

Going back to the election

Trump had a 94% favorability in exit polls conducted with Republican voters; so his numbers are not seeing a dramatic drop-off despite all that has gone on since the November election. Again, maintaining that will be the most challenging part for the outgoing president; but Trump is a man who is uniquely suited to keeping himself in the spotlight. He would certainly make political news if he became the Republican nominee in 2024.

It is, though; still much too early to be making any wild predictions; as we have yet to see what potential opponents will do with their campaigns and what sort of platform they will run on. Public needs and perceptions can change overnight; and it could well be that someone else comes along and make a strong case. We also need to consider the possibility that Trump might lose his desire to retake office in the coming years.

As it stands at the moment; here is how Jazz Sports sees the odds for a Republican winning the presidency in 2024:

2024 Presidential Election – Early Odds to WinOdds
Kamala Harris+500
Joe Biden+1000
Donald Trump+1000
Nikki Haley+1000
Mike Pence+1100

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