August 9, 2021


Wildfires rage have been out of control throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Many people have died or been displaced by the wildfires raging across the western portion of the United States. There have been more than 100 large wildfires in over 2,000,000 acres of land in the country’s western portion. Canada has also experienced a lot of trouble with the blazes because of sweltering heat domes in multiple provinces.

Climate change activists have stated that global warming is the reason for all these fires. However, it’s hard to determine causation from one year of natural disasters. Nevertheless, average temperatures are rising, indicating that climate change is taking its toll on the globe.

The Latest Updates in the West

Wildfires have devasted the western portion of the United States, and there are no signs of relief. Rescue crews have worked nonstop to save lives and national forests, but the fires are so strong that this is unlikely.

The National Weather Service has been closely monitoring fires and air quality. Smoke from the flames has traveled to the eastern portion of the United States, which speaks to the severity of the wildfires.

The National Weather Service reported, “Widespread air quality alerts and scattered Red Flag Warnings stretch from the Northwest and Northern Rockies to the High Plains, as well as throughout parts of central California.”

The rising temperatures and dry air are causing the fires to multiply, and this coming week could be the worst of the summer. Heat advisories are in place throughout the nation, but this is harmful to the west with uncontrollable flames.

The National Weather Service went onto say, “It’s going to be a real oppressive week with dangerous heat and hot conditions across much of the U.S. Excessive heat watches are up across much of the Pacific Northwest for mid to late week, including in the Portland and Seattle metro areas. Meanwhile, heat advisories are in effect for a good part of the south-central U.S. and parts of western New York state.”

Wildfires Rage Reports

As of Sunday, there were 107 large fires across 15 states in the west. Fires can be started by humans or lightning, but hot and dry air will keep them sparking for an extended period.

The Dixie Fire has been the dominant disaster in California. It’s the state’s second-largest fire of all time. It has destroyed 627 buildings and harmed over 40 other buildings, spanning close to 500,000 acres.

The states which have been hit hardest by the blazed are Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska, and Wyoming. Montana leads this group with 25 large fires.

Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico have each suffered wildfires; but not to the extent of the other groups of states.

The past few months have been a bad time for the west because of the wildfires. Hundreds of thousands of acres of land have been destroyed by the wildfires. The United Nations and many activist groups have used the wildfires to stress the importance of solving climate change.

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