August 1, 2021


Climate change has caused many issues throughout the world, and that is why politicians are working together to combat natural disasters. Climate change has been the main factor in rising temperatures and many wildfires throughout the world.

The country of Turkey is the latest location to experience issues. Wildfire in Turkey is ripping through the country, leaving many areas looking like an apocalyptic scene.

Details of the wildfire in Turkey

The village of Kacarlar on the southern coast of Turkey has been hit the hardest by the wildfires. According to farmers, the fires have killed many of their animals because they cannot evacuate danger zones. Farmers were forced to abandon their land to save themselves and leave their animals behind.

In the western portion of the country, there are also fires occurring. Bodrum, which is a tourist capital in Turkey, saw fires on both Saturday and Sunday. Over 1000 people were removed from the area for safety purposes.

Over the course of the week, there have been over 100 separate fires. Be intensity of the Blazers has varied bilocation, but eight people have died in Turkey. The local news stations have been attributing the fires to climate change. These are not the first wildfires to break out in Turkey, but the severity is unknown to the nation.

The deaths were caused because people did not evacuate areas where the blazes were ripping through land, houses, and villages. Additionally, two firefighters died while trying to stop bee fires. Seven of the victims perished in Manavgat, and the eighth died in Marmaris.

Evacuations Have Not Been Easy

Considering the scale of the fires, eight victims is minimal. Rescue teams have done an amazing job evacuating people buy water. The Mediterranean coast in Turkey has been critical for keeping people safe.

Bodrum Maritime Chamber President Orhan Dinc detailed the media on the evacuations. He said,

“We helped the evacuation of 1,140 people by 12 boats. We did evacuation by boats yesterday as well, but I have never witnessed something similar before in this region. This is the first time.”

Dinc has reiterated that evacuations will continue by land, but water will continue because of the accessibility. The maritime chamber is going to do everything in its power to help the nation.

The country’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been very active throughout the wildfires. The leader declared that five areas of the country were “disaster zones” after visiting the fire-inflicted regions by helicopter.

On Saturday, he tweeted,

“We will continue to take all steps to heal the wounds of our people, to compensate for losses and to improve opportunities to better than before.”

In addition to the fires, the temperature is heightened, leading to more deaths. The hot and dry climate has been measured and it is 37 Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. Hikmet Ozturk, a forestry expert with the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, has said that humans start fires. Although, they are harder to combat because of climate change.

Ozturk stated,

“Typical weather conditions in the summer for the area is hot and dry, which means the risk of fires is already high, and climate change raises that risk.”

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