Unprecedented Number of Migrants at US Border

August 14, 2021

Unprecedented Number of Migrants at US Border

Donald Trump and Joe Biden had two different ideologies on border control. When Trump won in 2016, he ran on a principle of law and order. This included building the wall so nobody could come into the United States illegally. This was his magical plan of recuding the number of migrants at US border.

When Biden began his presidency, he reversed Trump’s policy on border control. Biden ended the law. The president did not have the goal of creating a crisis at the border. However, foreigners who were having difficulty getting into the nation saw Joe Biden as their savious.  They saw him as the man that would help them earned citizenship.

The open border policy has created a crisis. Now there is an unprecedented number of migrants at the southern border trying to come into the country. The Department of Homeland security has said it’s a complicated situation to fix.

Large Number of Migrants at US Border

The secretary of Homeland Security, A. Mayorkas, stated that there is an unprecedented number of migrants at US border. Biden has attempted to slow down the groups trying to come to the nation, but he has not been able to have much success.

In July, there were approximately 212,000 migrants that showed up at the southern border.. This included over 19,000 unaccompanied children, smashing a record that was set in March. Families have chosen to send just their children because minors will not be turned away at the border. There have not been many people turned away, but children have a guaranteed spot in America.

The situation at the southern border would be bad in any year. But, it’s even worse with a global pandemic occurring. Very few migrants got their vaccinations. This has caused more COVID-19 transmission in the southern portion of the United States. He made it clear that migrants are not causing the spike in cases. But, they are not helping the emerging Delta variant issue in the nation.

Mayorkas went onto say, “The situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. It is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic. The rate of positivity is at or lower than the rates in our local border communities. We are building new capacity to address the situation, and we are doing so as rapidly as possible. The extent of the challenge should not be overstated. But nor should our ability to meet it.”

Disproval for Biden

Many people have been upset with how Biden has handled the crisis at the southern border. Unfortunately, things are only starting to worsen. Regular facilities have been overflown and immigration had to force process migrants under the Anzalduas Internatrional bridge.

McAllen, Texas, opened a tent to support migrants who tested positive for COVID-19. Attempted border crossings rarely rise from June to July because of the strenuous heat in the area. Republicans and many mainstream Democrats have put full responsibility on Biden, and this is valid. Trump had the situation at the border tamed, but Biden has caused a spike that does not appear to end.

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