February 20, 2021


United States COVID-19 cases: President Biden has been criticized for his modest vaccine rollout plan in his short period in office thus far. Despite this, COVID-19 cases have been dropping for weeks. People are becoming accustomed to life with COVID-19, and this is the true reason why virus numbers are dropping throughout the nation.

Slow Vaccine Rollout

President Biden blamed President Trump for not having the appropriate knowledge to deliver vaccines to United States’ citizens swiftly. There is truth to this statement. However, President Biden has still not done everything in his power to find a solution to the vaccine issues in the country.

Only 14 million Americans have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is only 4% of the country’s population. After receiving both vaccines, there is a grace period where people are still highly susceptible to COVID-19. This shows that the decline in virus cases around the nation is not because of the vaccine.

The Holidays Caused Spikes in COVID-19 Cases

Nobody knew what the fate of COVID-19 would be when the deadly virus struck the nation one year ago. The virus continues to impact lives, but COVID-19 life is starting to become the new normal.

This was not the case during the holiday season. Holiday gatherings and travel caused a massive spike in United States cases in November, December, and January. In January, the United States broke its previous records for hospitalizations and deaths because of the spread from holiday travel.

Improvement Following January

Following January, cases began to improve every day gradually. The end of the holidays brought some peace to the nation regarding COVID-19. The percentage of people wearing masks, staying in one location, and limiting contact with others has limited the virus.

The average number of cases in the United States per week is now only 90,416 people. This number nearly reached a quarter of a million people in the first week of January.

There are under 70,000 people hospitalized because of COVID-19 at this point in the United States. The hospitalization record on a given day was approximately double this amount in early January.

Still Reasons for Fear

These numbers could make people start to relax when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, but the US Centers for Disease Control has stressed that citizens must remain vigilant. Just under 43,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 in the past two weeks.

There have been three surges in the United States thus far because of leniency on COVID-19 restrictions. Former CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden stressed that the virus is under control, but a fourth surge is possible. If people continue to remain cautious, life will return to normal much quicker with the vaccine rollout now beginning.

There are also international and homegrown COVID-19 strains developing in the United States. There have been 17 US cases where the South African variant was detected. Additionally, scientists have discovered strains in US samples that could cause the virus to be more transmissible.

The usage of masks and restricted travel has proven to help the virus since the holiday season.

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