February 18, 2021


United Kingdom vacations: The COVID-19 virus has caused lockdowns; cancelations, work from orders, and so many more lifestyle changes for people all over the world. Things could be taken one step further in the United Kingdom moving forward.

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom government stated that all vacations, including staycations, are subject to being canceled throughout 2021. Officials had already announced that foreign travel would be limited in the new year; but even domestic trips should not be taken according to the UK government.

United Kingdom vacations: No UK Travel Allowed in 2021

The UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps stated that a home holiday could be illegal in 2021. This news was in addition to another severe order that was enacted by UK Health Minister Matt Hancock. Hancock warned UK citizens; that if they return to the country and lie about traveling to a COVID-19 “red list” destination; they may face up to 10 years in prison or a $13,800 USD fine.

The vacation ruling has not been set in stone at this time. However, the government knows that people book vacations in advance; so they have warned people to hold off on travel plans in case they have to ban all holidays.

Shapps does not want people planning trips because he wants to see the course of the virus; before he makes an official ruling on foreign and domestic travel for UK citizens. With the summer quickly approaching, he identified that it’s too early to put binding restrictions in place.

Wednesday’s announcement was a call to action for UK citizens to do their civic duty and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Devastating for United Kingdom Tourism

There has not been a sector of the economy that has been hit as hard as tourism from COVID-19 restrictions. UK restaurants, bars, and resorts were hopeful that the country’s mass vaccination plan would help tourism recover by the summer. Although, Shapps’ announcement has caused the optimism to drop amongst tourism industry workers.

Shapps also claimed that the UK needs to wait for other countries to catch up on their COVID-19 vaccines even though they have; administered 13 million domestic doses. If the UK opened the economy without other countries catching up on vaccinations, it could lead to stricter lockdowns.

How is the UK Mandating their Restrictions?

The United Kingdom is imposing some hefty regulations for residents who are arriving from countries on the “red list.” Since February 15th; UK residents who arrive in the country from countries on the “red list” must purchase a “quarantine package.” This is $2,400 USD; and it includes a quarantine stay in a government-sponsored hotel, transportation to the hotel from the airport, and virus testing.

If a person is arriving from a country that’s not on the “red list;” they must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arriving in the UK. They also need to self-quarantine for ten days and take a mandatory COVID-19 test; on the second and eighth day of their arrival.

The UK has one of the highest infection rates in the world. There have been four million cases and over 114,000 deaths since the virus swept the country.

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