August 5, 2021


There have been many issues in the United States over the vaccine. Lawmakers throughout the nation have been urging Americans to receive the vaccine, so they are protected from the Delta variant. COVID-19 deaths have gone up, and infection rates are on the rise.

President Biden is well aware of the crisis in the United States that is looming. With the economy opening and the hospitality industry returning to some sense of normalcy, President Biden is planning on foreigners making the trip to America.

Foreigners have not been able to come to the United States because of restrictions. Biden administration is developing a plan for foreign travelers to be vaccinated from COVID-19. This will allow the Biden Administration to lift many of the travel bans that are in place.

Foreign Travelers to Be Vaccinated | Details of the Plan

The White House wants to allow foreigners back in the United States to help with the tourism industry. However, they want to make sure that it is done safely. The United States is not the best country in terms of the Delta variant. But America is more vaccinated than many other countries.

Lifting the travel ban would help airlines which is a struggling industry at the moment. These companies were able to surge, but the Delta variant is causing them to falter once again. The vaccine protects against the Delta variant, so an inoculated individual is safe to travel.

The vaccination plan has been on the top of Biden’s task list. The administration is trying to figure out a way to vaccinate Americans, but this is a close second. By opening airlines in the United States for travel, it will benefit the country.

An administration spokesperson said,

“We are working to have a new system ready for when we can reopen travel that includes a phased approach that over time will mean, with limited exceptions, that foreign nationals traveling to the United States from all countries need to be fully vaccinated.”

Travel Restrictions

The travel restrictions began with China in January 2020, and there have been no signs of lifting the bans until now. This is positive news for the world, and it appears that there is a sense of normalcy coming despite the Delta variant.

Nevertheless, this plan has garnered some pushback amongst Americans. The primary debate over the vaccine has been chosen. Local governments are starting to mandate the vaccine in certain areas like restaurants and sporting events.

These regulations have caused issues in the United States and other parts of the world. Riots have been occurring throughout France over vaccine passes, and New York City just adopted a similar strategy.

The Biden administration’s plan coincides with other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom who are relaxing travel restrictions for Americans. The details of the plan are still unknown. However, the government will likely work with airlines to ensure that travelers are vaccinated.

The only foreigners who are allowed to enter the US are essential workers and truck drivers at the northern and southern borders.

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