January 22, 2021


Political News – At Least 100 Pardons Expected on Trump’s Final Day in Office

Tuesday will mark Trump’s final day in office, but it is not a day that is expected to pass quietly. The expectation is that President Trump will issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final day on the job; but it’s anyone’s guess as to whose names will appear on that list. Given what has happened in the past, we can probably expect to see some Trump allies included among the pardons.

Sources from inside the White House have said that a meeting was held this past Sunday; with the final list of pardons put together during that meeting. Trump is expected to make political news by offering clemency to a number of white-collar criminals; high-profile rappers; as well as the aforementioned allies. What is not clear as of yet is whether he intends to name himself or other family members in the list.

While the President has been busying himself with continuing to contest the Electoral College count; he has also found time to put together a list that was initially expected to come in two individual releases. The timeline now suggests that the entire batch will be released some time on Tuesday; with no other announcements expected after that. The only other announcement may come tomorrow; if Trump does decide to name himself and family members among the list of pardons.

The President also has a to-do list

That includes issuing executive orders and releasing declassified documents pertaining to the Russia probe. Presidential aides are claiming; that the likelihood of those jobs getting done before Trump departs the White House on Tuesday appears to be shrinking.

As for issuing pardons to himself; his family; and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani; the President seems to have cooled on the idea after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6. It is still possible that he might make political news by issuing those pardons in the waning moments; of his presidency on Wednesday but doing so would likely trigger a long legal battle to see if such pardons can actually be considered valid.

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