Train station strike kills dozens in Ukraine

April 8, 2022

train station strike kills dozens in ukraine one day after un suspended russia

The latest developments in the Ukraine-Russia conflict are devastating, according to sources on the ground. Friday, a Train station strike killed dozens in Ukraine at least 39 people and wounded 87 others.

Train station strike kills dozens in Ukraine one day after UN suspended Russia

The attack targeted a railway station in eastern Ukraine where children, women, and elderly folks sought refuge. The brutal escalation is a vivid reminder that a cease-fire is not yet within reach.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is isolated on the international stage, does not seem ready for a retreat.

Some observers say Putin is reacting to the recent moves made by countries from the Western alliance.

Ukraine is resisting on the battlefield, but the cost for the civilian population is enormous, as noted by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky calls rocket strike ‘deliberate’

The Ukrainian leader said Friday that Russia went after civilians on purpose. Zelensky claims a lack of courage is behind Putin’s latest strike.

He calls the act “evil” and urges the international community to do more to stop the Russian invasion before it is too late.

Mr. Zelensky, who addressed the Finland parliament via video, said that Ukrainian troops were not at the station before the attack.

Russia, via its defense ministry, blamed Ukraine for what happened in the city of Kramatorsk.
The Kremlin says the missiles that struck the station are only used by Ukrainians.

In the information war, Putin and his team have often tried to portray Ukraine’s so-called belligerence for causing the invasion.

The tactic has not been really successful because the international community has accused Russia of committing war crimes.

UN suspends Russia from Human Rights Council

The United Nations General Assembly opted to suspend Russia from its Human Rights Council on Thursday. The United States backed the proposal, which was supported by 93 votes.

Twenty-four nations opposed the resolution, and 58 countries decided to abstain. The UN has slammed Russia for abusing human rights after the gruesome images from Bacha surfaced.

The Kremlin has hit back by resigning from the body after Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Gennady Kuzmin campaigned against the proposed resolution.

Russia said that the US uses the organization to reinforce its dominant position. Critics of Russia are hoping that Moscow will face some consequences over alleged war crime violations.

They want the UN and the International Criminal Court to investigate the different allegations.

A significant portion of the Western world order is rooting for Ukraine. However, the posture has not been able to move the needle much.

EU leaders visit Ukraine in a crucial show of support

As Russian troops retreat slowly from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv; the city is starting to regain normalcy.

Leaders of the European Commission arrived in Kyiv to support Zelensky in his fight against Russia. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen planned to deliver a clear message that Ukraine has a path to an EU membership.

She said the goal is to move up Ukraine’s membership application this summer. She also pledged to participate in the reconstruction of the Ukrainian democracy after the war is over.

Zelensky is still waiting on Europe to do more in terms of sanctions and speeding up the full membership process.

Russia has accused Ukraine of being a proxy for the West and has used a potential NATO membership from the neighboring country as justification for the unprovoked invasion.

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