Tornado outbreak ravages Kentucky

December 13, 2021

tornado outbreak ravages kentucky

A tornado outbreak ravages Kentucky ripped through eight states over the weekend. According to the latest estimates, at least 100 people were killed.

Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee are the states that faced the tornado outbreak. Kentucky was hit the hardest.

The governor, Andy Beshear, said 64 deaths have been reported so far in the Bluegrass State.

The Biden administration and nonprofit organizations like the American Red Cross have started to deploy resources to help the people in need.

Some weather experts are now saying that with the threat of climate change and global warming, this will sadly become the “new normal.”

Tornado outbreak ravages kentucky and deals with aftermath of worst storm ever.

Governor Beshear got emotional on Monday as he delivered updates about the situation in his state. Mr. Beshear said that most people in Kentucky are not doing well today, and he is one of them.

He urged Kentuckians to take things slowly, one step at a time, as the state begins the recovery process. He has promised the people of western Kentucky that help is on the way.

Beshear said that he and his team are ready to help them rebuild after the devastation.

Before rebuilding, surveying the damage has been a daunting task.

The elected official says that he expects the number of deaths to reach close to 80, and 105 people are missing.

The number of unidentified victims sits at 18. The list of people killed includes a 5-month-old baby. The governor also noted that thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed.

To honor the tornado victims, Beshear has ordered flags at half-staff. The flags will be lowered on state buildings across Kentucky in the upcoming week.

The Biden administration is stepping up efforts to help the victims.

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