The Russia-Ukraine conflict put Europe on edge

May 25, 2022

The Russia-Ukraine conflict put Europe on edge

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is entering another crucial phase. However, there is still no clear end in sight to the conflict. Continue reading the latest news about the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict latest news

Three months after Russian troops invaded the neighboring country, thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of people have sought refuge elsewhere.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not showing any signs that he is ready for a peace agreement to prevail. Experts say that the world economy is suffering greatly under this kind of pressure.

In the latest Russia-Ukraine updates, the invasion has more or less stopped maritime trade at the Ukrainian ports.

The Mariupol death toll has reached a grim new milestone close to 100 days after the nightmare started for locals.

Moreover, Europe is also on high alert because some say that Putin might invade other countries if he wins in Ukraine.

Russia blocks food exports

American officials say that Moscow has put in place a blockade of the northern third of the Black Sea. This is an important development for the rest of the globe.

Ukraine exports 10% of the world’s wheat. The trade can only go through the Black Sea.

David Beasley, who is the head of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), has asked Putin to reconsider the latest move.

Mr. Beasley says that over 300 million people face starvation, and 49 million others are dealing with famine.

Russia’s blockade will only exacerbate such a problem. There is a real food crisis, and the conflict in Ukraine has forced some to pay more attention.

Mariupol death toll

The death toll in Mariupol has shocked the world in many aspects. At least 22,000 residents have lost their lives since Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

Petro Andriushchenko, an official from the port city, is the one who revealed the number.

He said that with other officials in the area, they reached out to their contacts to come up with that number.

It has been revealed that with so many people still trapped inside of Mariupol, the true figure could be way higher.

Russia has been relentless since the beginning of the invasion in its pursuit of Mariupol.

The city has very little contact with the rest of the world at this point. People close to the mayor, Vadym Boychenko, say it is a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportion.

Europe is on edge

As the conflict lingers, some Europeans feel that this could be just the beginning of a truly dark era for the Old Continent.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger says his country is next on Putin’s list if Ukraine falls.

The foreign minister of Poland said that a cease-fire with Ukraine would not be enough to stop Putin from invading another European country.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says a deal with Putin is still possible. However, for it to happen, the Russian leader would need to leave his “bubble” of “alternate reality,” he claims.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces had grown more confident in their belief about winning the war. However, the last few days have shown that a Russian retreat is not yet in the picture.

For example, Russian troops are making clear gains in the industrial city of Severodonetsk.

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