December 17, 2020


Throughout history; the state of Texas has had secession show up several times, including leaving Mexico and seceding from the Union during the Civil War. In modern times, the talk of secession seems to come up every few years before fading away again. It appears to be a hot button issue in Texas once again; with one Republican senator claiming; “that it is time for Texas and other states to form what he calls a “Union of States.””

Allen West; Chairman of the Republican Party in Texas; has been vocal in his support of President Trump; and his unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud in the November election.

A pair of losses that came over the past few days prompted West to come out and say that Texas; as well as other “law-abiding states,” should form a union of their own.

The first blow for Texas came when the Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit the state had filed against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In the lawsuit; which the President believed would be the one to overturn the election result. Texas essentially attempted to sue those other states over their handling of the election.

The Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit, which has been endorsed by Trump, members of Congress, and several other states that voted for the President in the election.

The final nail in the coffin came on Monday when the Electoral College voted to confirm the election results, effectively ending the challenges against the outcome. It was this decision that seemingly caused West to start talking about secession in the latest political news.

Texas talks Secession: Why Does West Want to Secede?

The Chairman of the Republican Party in Texas began floating the idea of a “Union of States”; shortly after mail-in ballot votes began shifting the election in favor of Joe Biden. Although there has been no evidence to support widespread voter fraud, the perception among Republicans is that fraud was rampant. Trump has consistently added fuel to that fire; by filing lawsuit after lawsuit and taking to social media to fan the flames.

Allen West believes that certain states; many of which are controlled by Republicans; did not do enough to overturn the election, even though it would have been impossible to do so without real evidence of voter fraud.

Not other states have expressed a willingness to join in the calls for secession; which leads most to believe that this will all blow over sooner rather than later. It is a piece of political news that we will be following closely.

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