Tear Gas Used to Control Crowds at Kabul Airport

August 20, 2021

Tear Gas Used to Control Crowds at Kabul Airport

The situation in Afghanistan is a mess, and things are getting worse as the days go on in the country. Since the United States pulled its final troops out of the country, there has been masked chaos as the Taliban has taken over the nation.

The Taliban was in power before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which made the United States involved. The Taliban has promised a more moderate rule since overtaking Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Yet, people still want to escape the nation by any means possible.

The airport has been a destination for Americans, international workers, and Afghan citizens to protect themselves from the Taliban. Americans and some Afghan citizens have been given priority to leave the nation, but most of the country is stuck living with the insurgency.

This has caused an exodus to the airport as people fear that the Taliban’s promise to maintain peace in the nation is not truthful. There were so many people at the airport in Kabul this week that teargas had to be used to control crowds.

People have held onto planes departing the tarmac with hopes that they would survive. This has caused many deaths, making tear gas a necessary option to control the crowds.

Details of the Tear Gas Usage

Ever since countless Afghans jumped on American planes departing the country, something had to be done to protect people’s lives. The extent that people are willing to travel not to live in a country with the Taliban is remarkable.

Thousands of people have found shelter at the airport, which the United States military officials still control. People are still clinging onto planes as they leave the tarmac, giving the United States military no choice but to use teargas to keep people off the sides.

There will likely be many deaths in the country with the Taliban in charge, but holding on to the side of an airplane as it takes off is a death sentence.

The Pentagon has announced that order will be restored in the area. The airport will be more organized, and people will no longer be able to run free on the tarmac. The airport has been the central place in Kabul where people can be transported out of the nation. Soldiers have secured the perimeter of the airport to not allow people into the area where the planes are held.

The Pentagon also stated that there would be a more organized flight schedule in the coming days. The Taliban does not seem to have an issue with The United states pulling people out of the country. The insurgency wants to be left alone, and This is why they had promised peace in the nation.

Women will be given rights that they never had under the previous reign of the Taliban. They will be able to go to school and work outside of the house. Additionally, the country will not be a place where terrorist groups can organize attacks. The Taliban government was critical in the organization of 9/11 by allowing al Qaeda to organize the devastating attack.

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