Taliban Vow to Respect Women, Despite History of Oppression

August 19, 2021

Taliban Vow to Respect Women, Despite History of Oppression

The Taliban has taken over the Afghanistan capital of Kabul. This marked the fall of the country to the insurgency. The Western forces held the Taliban down for two decades. Ever since the United States entered the country following 9/11, to be more precise. However, Taliban vow to respect women is the big news today.

What is this all about; is there any truth in this?

Taliban Vow to Respect Women

When the Taliban controlled the country in the late nineties, they imposed an oppressive Islamic rule. This meant raping, killing, and oppressing the entire society, especially the women. Women formerly had to cover their own faces. They were not allowed to attend work or college and had to be accompanied by male relatives outside of the house.

The Taliban has vowed to respect women despite the history of oppression throughout the country. These remarks from the insurgency have been hard to believe for citizens who have not escaped the country.

Rule Under the Taliban

The Taliban blitzed across the country at a rapid pace, tormenting citizens in their way. The group has tried to gain support by portraying themselves as a moderate group. But, Afghans are skeptical. Who could blame them?

The older generation in the country is very familiar with the Taliban’s harsh rule. Women were confined to the home, they could not watch television or listen to music, and were publicly raped and executed.

Although, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, commented about the situation in the country on Tuesday. He tried to preach peace from an insurgent organization.

He promised that the Taliban would honor women’s rights within normal Islamic Law, dropping their harsh interpretation. The country wants women to return to work, and they will be allowed to take classes. They will still need to cover their faces when leaving the house with headscarves.

Mujahid spoke to a female news anchor to interview a Taliban official on Monday in a TV studio, which helped their cause for allowing women to work. Yet, the majority of the country still does not believe the new leaders have the population’s best interest.

Various Interpretations of Women’s Rights

There are various interpretations of Islamic Law for women’s rights in Muslim countries. Rural area are more conservative and traditional, and other nations like Pakistan have even had female prime ministers.

Yet, women’s rights are much better in other Muslim countries than when the Taliban controlled the country in the nineties.

Another major announcement that Mujahid made was that Afghanistan would not be a terrorist haven. In the nineties, the Taliban leaders allowed the terrorist group al-Qaida to plan the 9/11 attacks.

It seems like the Taliban is implementing this new strategy to keep away foreign countries like the United States from reestablishing control. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that this will occur, and the harsh rule will continue.

The Pentagon and the United States military have been working with the Afghan people to remove them from the country. It’s impossible to remove every person in the country.

Mujahid promised amnesty to any person that had crossed the Taliban by working with the United States. The United States has prioritized this group over the past two weeks for evacuation efforts.

If the Taliban’s past repeats itself, women will not be treated well, and there will be no amnesty.

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