Taliban Takeover | Afghan Capital and Government Collapse

August 15, 2021

Taliban Takeover Afghan Capital and Government Collapse

President Joe Biden’s plan to evacuate troops in Afghanistan has been devastating for the nation. The Taliban takeover Afghan Capitol has beenm confirmed earlier today. The terrorist group started on the exterior part of the country and has been working inward.

The Taliban have now entered the Afghan capital of Kabul. By controlling the capital, the Taliban will be complicated to stop. The nation’s president has fled the area to stay safe from the terrorist organization, which has destroyed the little leadership groups remaining.

Details of the Taliban Takeover

Ashraf Ghani, the nation’s president, left the capital on Sunday. Meanwhile, Taliban ripped through Kabul. Many citizens of Kabul also departed because of fear of the terrorist organization.

The Taliban has been raping and murdering men, women, and children all over the country. The capital of Kabul is critical for the group to control to terrorize the whole nation. People had no choice but to depart.

There are many issues because citizens looking for peace are running out of places to go. That’s because the Taliban are seizing state after state in quick succession. It’s has gotten to a point where the military cannot stop the raid of the Islamic extremists.

When everyone started departing the nation, a sense of fear draped over the city. People started panicking, and helicopters were maneuvering the area to rescue citizens who could not escape by foot.

Taliban Enter Afghan Capital | Is the War Over?

The Taliban government will have a new name. The name is Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. This was the name of the government before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This makes the United States still deeply integrated into the nation.

Biden’s removal of troops had very little planning. This ultimately caused a swift takeover from the Taliban. Before the Taliban announced they would be moving into Kabul, they promised a peaceful takeover.

Although, this has not been the identity of the terrorist organization. The United States Embassy was wholly evacuated because Americans did not trust the Taliban’s promise.

Americans in the nation were told to shelter in place because of the craziness at the airport. Commercial flights had to stop because of sporadic gunfire at planes attempting to depart.

The United States military is closely monitoring the situation to ensure Americans in the capital are safe. There is an outpost at the airport for people to quarantine from the Taliban. There are plans to fly these people back to America if Afghans fail to contain the Taliban.

Just Over a Week

In just over a week, the Taliban took over the entire nation. They destroyed everything! It’s safe to say the local government and nations around failed to hold down the insurgency. There have been millions spent by the United States and NATO in the past 20 years. They now appear nonexistent.

The United States military predicted that it would be one month before the Taliban controlled Kabul. This guess was terribly wrong! It did not help the government prepare for the insurgency.

The downfall of Kabul marks the end of the war in Afghanistan that began after 9/11. However, American troops will likely need to return to the country in the future.

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