November 23, 2020


Sidney Powell is no longer part of Trump’s legal team? Strange things are happening at Trump legal camp as Rudy Giuliani issued a statement on Sunday morning indicating that attorney Sidney Powell is “not a part” of President Donald Trump’s legal team in the ongoing cases for alleged fraud during the 2020 Presidential election.

Powell took heavy criticism from both the Democrat and GOP opinion sides after she made an appearance at burgeoning conservative news channel Newsmax on Saturday evening, in which she alleged there had been massive voting fraud in Georgia, alongside some “payments” made to state officials who collaborated in the supposed scheme, including GOP Governor Brian Kemp. According to Fox News super pundit Tucker Carlson, Powell failed to provide any valuable proof of tampering with the voting machines used in Georgia.

Before we continue with our hot news from the political blogs, check out the latest updated Politics odds for the Georgia Senate Runoffs appearing right below.

Political Futures*

Georgia Senate Runoff – Odds to WinOdds
Kelly Loeffler-210
Raphael Warnock+170
David Perdue-330
John Ossoff+250

*Odds are subject to change.

Russ Murray, leading oddsmaker, also shared with us some of his thoughts on the latest betting odd changes: “Both Democrats are taking action and many Republicans are worried that there is anti-Trump backlash hurting the two Republican candidates.  The Republicans need to win only one of the two Georgia Senate seats to maintain control of the Senate which will give them a way to block much of the Biden political agenda.  Should the Democrats pull off the unlikely scenario of winning both seats, it will make the US Senate a 50/50 split.”

In spite of having played an active role in the press conference called by Trump’s legal team last week, former NYC Mayor Giuliani has stated that Powell in no way connected to the President’s legal efforts: “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

Really? She was never a “part” of Trump’s legal team, even though she featured prominently in every “official” respect? The word coming out of camp Trump has it that Powell was never really directly attached to the President’s legal team, and that she was herself acting as “representative” of the American People. 

It appears as if Trump & Co. are now looking to distance themselves from Powell’s highly controversial and seemingly conspiratory statements from Saturday evening. 

Powell has refused to issue any statements on the issue as of Monday morning.

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