May 8, 2021


Another Scottish independence referendum is the “will of the country”, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said in a victory speech.

With all of the results in, the SNP has 64 seats, one less than it did in 2016, but one more than it did in 2016.

Speaking on Saturday; the First Minister said her first focus would be on the coronavirus pandemic, but that the people of Scotland should be able to decide on the constitutional question “when the time is right”.

Both the SNP and the Scottish Greens, who have already won an extra seat on the Central Scotland list; promised an independence referendum in their manifestos.

Sturgeon said that if the request is rejected; “it will demonstrate conclusively that the UK is not a partnership of equals and that – astonishingly – Westminster no longer sees the UK as a voluntary union of nations”.

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister; said earlier on Saturday that it would be “reckless and irresponsible” to hold a referendum right now.

He added: “I listened to the Scottish election carefully. My impression was that they [the SNP] moved away from the idea of a referendum, and I think very wisely.

Scotland Independent

Ms Sturgeon has also stated that she would not hold an illegal wildcat vote on the subject, claiming that the outcome will not be recognized by the UK government or the international community; and therefore would not result in Scotland being independent.

She has also said consistently that she will only support a vote after the pandemic is over. Opinion polls suggest that voters are essentially split 50-50 on the question of whether Scotland should be an independent country.

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