July 9, 2021


There have been developments in the Sarah Everard case in Britain. Everard was kidnapped and raped by a police officer who has pleaded guilty to the case. This caused a national fallout in the country, and the man pleading guilty has caused the case to recirculate in the country.

Sarah Everard Case

On March 3, Sarah Everard had dinner at her friend’s house in the southwest part of London. She left a 9:00 PM and started walking home to Brixton. This is a 50-minute trip on foot, and she was speaking to her boyfriend at the time for 15 minutes during the beginning of the walk.

She hung up with her boyfriend at 9:27 PM and was seen on a doorbell camera at 9:30 PM. That was the last time she was seen in London.

Her boyfriend, Josh Lowth, reported that she was missing after not attending a meeting at work. He also was unable to get in contact with her throughout the day. Her friend Rose Woollard was one of the people who helped the police crack the case.

Regarding her late friend following her disappearance, she said, “It is extremely uncharacteristic of her to have gone missing, which is why we are all deeply concerned something has happened to her.”

Police Look for an Answer

Police officers searched for a long time to find Everard. Authorities knocked on hundreds of doors to find a solution to the case. They confiscated hundreds of tapes from doorbells to piece together the evidence.

Canine units were dispatched, and divers were sent into bodies of water. Detective Chief Inspector Katherine Goodwin headlined the case, and she appeared to be stumped.

At one time, she almost gave up on the case. Originally, she said, “This is definitely a missing person investigation at the moment, but I remain open-minded as to all possibilities in the investigation.”

Later on, she stated, “I want to remain clear that at this time, we have no information to suggest that Sarah has come to any harm. We share the wish of her family and friends to have her back safely with her loved ones.”

On March 10, human remains were discovered in a builder’s bag in Ashford, which is 50 miles away from where Everard was last spotted. Medical examiners focused on the DNA, and dental records eventually led to Everard.

At this point, it was revealed that she was murdered. This caused turmoil in the nation, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic was factored into the equation. When the accused killer was a police officer, things began to spiral out of control in the country.

Wayne Couzens was the police officer who was arrested in the case. He was taken into custody on March 9. On March 12, it was formally announced that he was charged with the murder. For Couzens, there was no way to remove his name from this killing.

On June 8, he pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping Everard in court via video from Belmarsh Prison. His next hearing is scheduled for July 9. People are hopeful that he will receive the death penalty, but only time will tell.

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