Russia-Ukraine latest news: Russia is ready to do more damage

March 1, 2022

Russia-Ukraine latest news: Russia is ready to do more damage

Russia has decided to up the ante a few days after invading Ukraine. Frustrated with the courageous response from the less powerful neighbor, the Kremlin is pushing the conflict to new heights. Here is the Russia-Ukraine latest news.

Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, has been hit by massive explosions in the last 24 hours. The country’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, has also been the theater of unspeakable violence in the past two days.

Ukraine calls latest Russian attacks war crimes

According to reports, Russia has started using cluster bombs in areas with many civilians. At least twelve people were killed and hundreds injured in Kharkiv after a Russian attack on a shopping center.

This was a significant change in tactic for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Many experts now say it is hard to predict what the controversial leader will do next.

Some people involved in the intelligence community believe that the usually cold-headed Putin has become more erratic.

His behavior and unprovoked attacks on Ukraine have turned the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, into a heroic figure for the globe.

The courage shown by the Ukrainian leader, who is a former comedian and actor, has made him a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Zelenskyy has called the attack on Kharkiv a “war crime” that will not be forgotten.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said earlier today that the government is still in control of the city despite the advances of the Russian troops.

Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine to be “de-Nazified”

War crimes or not, Russia plans to use heavier weapons in the coming days if Ukraine continues to reject its demands.

While negotiations between the two sides are still underway, Putin has made it clear that it is not time yet for proponents of peace to be hopeful.

The Russian autocrat spoke for over one hour with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, and he asked for a few things that he is unlikely to receive right away.

Putin wants Ukraine to recognize Crimea as a Russian territory, demilitarized, and “de-Nazified.” Putin also wants the neighbor to stay neutral in its relationship with the West and NATO.

Experts still say that Russia is likely to win the battle in Ukraine, but the Kremlin could lose in the long run. Russia’s actions in Ukraine might have changed the old world order forever.

Russia changes old world order with Ukraine invasion

Countries like Germany and Japan are now talking openly about acquiring nuclear weapons. Since 1945 and World War II, these countries used to rely on the United States to keep things under control.

However, Putin has proven in the past week that the old way of doing things might not be enough anymore.

The Russian president has talked about using nuclear weapons to respond to threats from the West.

Russia has its warheads ready and is on high alert. Putin has reportedly moved his family to a city in Siberia that can withstand a nuclear attack.

American President Joe Biden is singing a different tune and telling his fellow countrymen to remain calm.

Biden has not changed the alert level and says Americans have no reason to be worried about the situation.

Some wonder if the Biden administration is really certain about how far Putin can take the tensions.

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