August 4, 2021


Israel and Iran have been fighting for years over the Gaza Strip. They just do not like each other, Israel recent attacks just show what is a known fact throughout the world. This hatred has led to many battles that have spread beyond the intersecting land.

Many battles were occurring this summer over the Gaza Strip. However, the two sides agreed to a ceasefire because of the numerous innocent casualties. This does not mean that the hatred concluded between Israel and Iran.

Since the deal was made, there have been covert attacks, and the hatred was raised to a new level last Thursday.

Israel Recent Attacks Details

On Thursday night, an oil tanker that was operated by an Israeli company was hit by drones off the coast of Oman. This attack did not just hurt Israel because two crew members on the ship died, and they were from Britain and Romania.

It’s believed that Iran was behind the attack, and many countries are investigating. If Iran is found guilty of this attack, there will be significant worldwide implications as leaders like Joe Biden have already warned the nation.

Small battles between ships belonging to Israel and Iran have shown that the war has spread well beyond the Gaza Strip. Yet, this incident was taken too far because people were killed who were innocent bystanders.

This was the first time crew members on a ship were killed in an exchange between Iran and Israel in the maritime world. Additionally, with the ceasefire in effect over the Gaza Strip, Iran might have started another war if they are behind this attack.

The Aftermath of the Drone Bombing

Israel quickly blamed Iran for the attack, which is no surprise. The United States supported their ally immediately after the bombing occurred. Other countries, such as Great Britain, have also sided with the Israelis.

These countries will take a collective stand against Iran if the details show that their presumptions are correct. Iran responded this week, saying that the country “would not hesitate to protect its security and national interest, and will immediately indecisively respond to any possible adventurism.”

This was Iran’s way of stating that if any country rebels over the maritime attack, they will not hesitate to revolt, likely leading to an armed war. Although, some analysts have stated that this event is just another notch in the war between Israel and Iran. It will not change anything between the countries except add more fuel to the fire.
US Connections

The United States has supported Israel against Iran in all events in the past. Nevertheless, America is deeply connected to the latest maritime bombing. This event is likely connected to attacks against American military forces in Iraq and western Syria.

There have been military bases in these zones bombed through drones. Iran has denied all allegations that they are connected to any of these attacks. They do not take responsibility for grassroots forces acting out against other nations. From past examples, Iran’s leaders likely knew what was occurring in the latest attack.

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