April 16, 2021

Royal Family: Previewing the Funeral of Prince Phillip

Past funerals of Prince Phillip for Royal Family members have been extremely elaborate and attended by thousands of people. The guest list usually includes leaders, celebrities, and influential figures from all over the world.

This will not be the case for Prince Phillip because he requested a small event in the days before his death. Additionally, COVID-19 will also limit the funeral to outsiders. Even though Prince Phillip wanted a lowkey event, it does not mean that the burial will be low profile.

Prince Phillip’s Death

Prince Phillip died on April 9th at the age of 99. Since Phillip died, the funeral planning began by the Royal Family staff. The event is expected to be an in-depth celebration of Prince Phillip’s life.

There will only be 30 people attending the funeral, including Prince Harry, who probably contributed to the death of his grandfather. Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were interviewed by Oprah and indicated that the Royal Family was racist.

Any added stress for someone with heart problems cannot be beneficial. I cannot imagine that Phillip was not disturbed by his grandson and granddaughter-in-laws comments.

Meghan Markle will not attend the funeral because her doctors said she should not travel this far into her pregnancy. This excuse has not been well received by many supporters of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom.

The Plan for the Funeral

On Saturday, Prince Phillip will be laid to rest by the Royal Family. Phillip’s body has been resting in a private chapel inside Windsor Castle since his death.

At 2:40 PM, the body will be put in a hearse connected to a Land Rover and driven to St. George’s Chapel, which is on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Phillip has also been a fan of Land Rovers, so this is why the vehicle will be included in the service.

The drive will take ten minutes, and British military personnel will line the roads to pay their respects. Phillip is a former member of the Navy, and he will have a military-themed funeral.

The Royals Marines will follow behind the Land Rover. They will fire the guns and ring the bells.

Nine Royal Family members will walk behind the coffin. Queen Elizabeth will have her own position behind the procession to honor her late husband.

When the Land Rover arrives at the chapel, the British National Anthem will be played. There will be a moment of silence promptly at 3:00 PM.

The thirty guests in the chapel will be required to wear masks, but there will be a choir away from the crowd that’s going to sing. Prince Phillip picked a song before his death that he wanted to be played at his funeral.

The service is supposed to be 50 minutes in length. After the ceremony, Prince Phillip’s body will be lowered into the Royal Vault.

The Royal Family has asked mourners not to gather outside of Buckingham Palace to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There is currently an eight-day period of mourning which will conclude the day after the funeral. Flags have been flying at half-staff to honor Phillip’s life.

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