December 3, 2020


Political Odds: Prior to the Nov. 3 Presidential Election, no-one was looking that closely at the state of Georgia. While it was expected to be a close race in the Peach State; the feeling was that the Republicans would still win out. With roughly 5 million voters turning out; the Democrats came away with the win, turning the state blue for the first time in two decades.

As big as the win was for Biden in Georgia, it could prove to be even more substantial for the Dems. With the race proving to be tight, both Senate races were forced into a runoff, with Jan. 5 being the date that those races will be decided. If the Democratic candidates can win both runoffs; the Dems will control Senate, potentially making life a little easier for President-elect Biden over the next four years.

Before we continue with our world politics story: Take a look at some odds on the 2024 US Presidential Election. Courtesy of online bookmaker JAZZSports.ag:

Who Are the Candidates?

As mentioned, there are a pair of different Senate races set to take place in Georgia. If you look at the current political odds from Jazz Sports; you see that it is the Republican candidates who are in as the favorites. Governor David Perdue is listed at -255 in his runoff against Jon Ossoff (+200); while Kelly Loeffler is at -190 against Raphael Warnock (+155).

It will be interesting to see how those odds change over the next few weeks, but what we are seeing is that the smart money seems to be heading in the direction of the democratic candidates.

The feeling is that Georgia residents are growing tired of the seemingly endless drama attached to the election results. The state is still in the process of a recount, and President Trump is taking to Twitter and TV to slam Governor Perdue at every opportunity. The President will visit Georgia this weekend to campaign for the Republican candidates. If he turns his speech into another rant about unproven allegations of voter fraud it may cause more problems for the people he is trying to assist.

The seeds of doubt running through the Republican party right now could prove to impact the Georgia runoff. Will Republican voters turn out in the numbers required to sway the vote if they genuinely believe that there is widespread fraud and that their votes won’t count. Will Democratic voters get a little too comfortable after their win in the Presidential Election? We will know the answers to those questions on Jan. 5.

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