October 1, 2020


Pick for the new Supreme Court Justice enters the betting markets

The cavalcade of endless misfortunes occurring during 2020 got a plus one with the recent passing; of legendary jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. With both the White House and the Senate in control of the Republican Party. Seems unavoidable; that Donald Trump will be offering his own uncontestable pick for the next Justice of the US Supreme Court at any moment.

Who is he going to choose? – Are the Democrats going to stand still; while the current POTUS handpicks one of the most important political figures of the country?

While America pondered nervously over the weekend on the next choice for Supreme Court Justice; the betting markets took the political bull by the horns with a very interesting lineup of betting odds.

Same that we will examine a little further right below.


Top 5 Betting Odds, courtesy of

CandidateBetting Odds
Amy Barrett-115
Barbara Lagoa+150
Allison Rushing+500
Britt Grant+1000
Merrick Garland+2000
Joan Larsen+2200

*Odds are subject to change.

And as if we thought that 2020 had already given us its biggest shocks, we’re now contending with the imminent confirmation of the next Supreme Court Justice, right before election time!

The control enjoyed in both the White House and Senate by the Republican party presupposes their given ability to choose the candidate without any real political opposition.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already stated that the Democrats will consider all possible means to delay the confirmation until after the new POTUS takes over.

Will the Democrats succeed in their attempt to hinder the President’s likely-conservative pick for new Supreme Court Justice? According to the betting odds offered by, attorney Amy Barrett leads the charge with a -115 money line price, followed by Cuban-American judge Barbara Logoa.

Important Betting Facts to Consider:

  • President Trump has already declared that he is “positive” the new Justice will be a woman.
  • Even though Amy Barrett had already been mentioned by Trump as his personal pick; Barbara Lagoa has been pointed out as a very strong contender to the post.
  • Republicans will present their pick at any moment now; they MUST have a new Justice in place before the 2020 POTUS elections take place; as they must ensure jurisprudential legitimacy in case of a potential contested win.
  • The Democrats possess no real “legal” means to successfully stop a nomination before election day.

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