Peru Lawmakers Present Motion to Impeach President Castillo

November 28, 2021

peru lawmakers present motion to impeach castillo

The politics of the Republic of Peru takes place in a framework of a unitary semi-presidential consultant democratic republic, whereby the President of Peru is each head of kingdom and head of presidency. Legislative energy is vested in each the Government and the Congress. The Judiciary is unbiased of the government and the legislature.

The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Peru a “fallacious democracy” in 2019. Support for traditional political parties have thoroughly collapsed in Peru since 2000, paving the manner for the upward thrust of persona list leaderships.

LIMA – Opposition lawmakers in Peru, together with from the party of narrowly defeated right-wing presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, offered a movement in Congress on Thursday looking for to take away leftist President Pedro Castillo.

A motion citing the governing “moral incompetence” and moral inability was presented with the signatures of 28 members of congress. The impeachment process will not require 52 votes from 130 lawmakers, but will face parliamentary voting to begin political impeachment proceedings.

Castillo’s team did not respond to a request for comment, but the president in a speech in the Andean region of Jauja said he was not concerned and avoid all type of hype regarding the issue.

“I am not worried about the political noise because the people have chosen me, not the mafias or the corrupt,” he said, without directly mentioning the motion in Congress and trying to avoid all sort of controversial statements.

This calculated statement showed the precautionary behavior of president to avoid any further fuss and disinformation about him.

The final vote requires 87 votes to expel Castillo, who came to power in July because of his revolutionary and colorful ideas, has observed the wane in the popularity but in the midst of a series of mining protests and scandals attacking key ministers and advisers, his own Marxist-free Peruvian Party.

The popular leader following all sort of populist ideology was unable to save his party’s main leaders and ministers from notorious charges and blame game. Overall party is now facing serious attacks of criticism and severe condemnations from majority of public.

By the critical analysis, it can be clearly seen that the public of Peru only follows the populist ideology, whether in case of leftist leader and president Pedro Castillo or opposite right winged leader Keiko Fujimori, they only followed and hyped up those who came with new, revolutionary, different ideology and concept of politics and government.
His popularity, including, has declined.

The potential impeachment, though yet to gain traction, has cast a shadow over Castillo’s administration.
Peru’s Congress, which generally leans to the right, has a history of controversial impeachment.

An anti-corruption prosecutor’s office recently launched an investigation into a key presidential adviser, Bruno Pacheco, and found $20,000 in the bathroom of his government office in a raid.

Pacheco, who denies wrongdoing and all sort of allegation and accusation from the opposite strong right winged leader, resigned last week to preserve and save his leftover fame.

The point here to be noted is that Peru is famous in the world for production of copper (second largest producer of copper) but corruption, internal instability and dirty politics has forced the change of government and five presidents since 2016.

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