Omicron cases surge and flight cancellations become the norm

December 28, 2021

Omicron cases surge and flight cancellations become the norm

The United States of America is dealing with a new surge in COVID-19 cases. The omicron variant has taken over and represents close to 60 percent of all COVID cases in the country.

At close to 40%, the delta variant still represents a challenge for health experts. Omicron is threatening America’s economic recovery in a major way.

To avoid more harm, the Biden administration is focused on specific solutions as long lockdowns are out of the frame.

One sector that has been affected really hard by the current situation is the travel industry, which also has to deal with severe weather conditions.

President Joe Biden is asking the country to tackle the new variant with resolve. However, critics say that he has no plans to deal with the crisis.

President Joe Biden says there is no federal solution to coronavirus

During a virtual meeting with 25 governors on Tuesday, President Biden stated that the federal government does not have the tools to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Some have said that the president seems to be trying to blame governors for the new wave of cases. The goal for Mr. Biden is to avoid being the only one responsible for the surge.

His poll numbers have declined when there was a new wave of cases. This is quite a reversal for a man that has long said that he was elected to handle the crisis and rebuild the country.

The reality might have finally hit him; the pandemic is here to say. Many different elements have contributed to the problem.

Only 60 percent of Americans have taken two doses of the different vaccines. Some of the mandates Biden was trying to put in place have been rejected by the states or the courts.

GOP politicians are now accusing Biden of giving up on defeating the virus. In the meantime, Americans are seeing disruptions left and right.

More flights are being canceled due to Omicron

Since Christmas, close to 5,000 flights have been canceled. This is due to crew shortage linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. Severe weather is also a big issue in parts of the country.

This is a terrible development for the industry. The year-end holiday season is probably the busiest time of the year.

Airline companies have vowed to get stranded passengers to their destinations as soon as possible.

European airlines have dealt with fewer cancellations.

Travel stocks have taken a hit too

American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines have all seen a decline. Experts are hoping that this is just a temporary thing.

However, there is no real indication as to when the coronavirus will stop being a problem for the country.

Delta was able to convince the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to reduce the isolation period for vaccinated people who catch the coronavirus.

Those people will be able to get back to their routine after five days, instead of 10 days. It is a major win for airline companies trying to find the right balance between safety and the economy.

A hopeful sign on the horizon, some numbers have started to move in the right direction in South Africa, a country that first discovered omicron cases.

It could take another month for the U.S. to experience the same cycle.

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