December 22, 2020


AG Barr Sees No Need for Special Counsel Investigations

The belief was that once the Electoral College finalized the November election; which they did last week, we would see the end of the campaign to overturn the election results. That does not seem to be the case. President Trump continues to take to Twitter with claims of widespread voter fraud; for which no evidence has been found. There has been talk about potentially involving martial law or have a special counsel investigations; but neither of those options seems particularly likely.

Attorney General William Barr; who is in the final days of his position, spoke to the media and made it clear; that he would not be calling for a special counsel to investigate the election results. Barr has made it clear; much to the chagrin of the President, that he has seen nothing that would move him to take to investigate the election any further.

In the latest political news, there have also been calls, predominantly from Trump supports; to have the federal government seize voting machines for examination; but Barr once again shot down any notion of that happening while he was in office.

Barr Also Speaks on the Hunter Biden Issue

The Monday news conference was the final one for Barr as the head of the Justice Department; so there was a lot of ground to cover. Barr; was also pressed on the state of the Hunter Biden case and the potential for a special investigator to be used there. Again, Barr stated that he saw no reason to go with a special counsel in a case that was; in his words, “being handled responsibly and professionally.”

In the run in to the election, President Trump tried hard to put Joe Biden in the middle of the financial controversy. Those attacks failed to stick, but as it stands now; the FBI and the IRS are both part of the investigation into the President-elects son. For Barr, that operation is going smoothly enough as to be left alone at this point.

The press conference will have done little to smooth the tensions between Barr and the President; with Trump believing that the Attorney General should have done more to try and change the election results.

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