November 5, 2020


2020 US Election Report: The sun came up on Thursday, November 5, two days after the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, and while Democratic challenger Joseph R. Biden has eked closer to the 270 needed Electoral College votes to win, he still needs between six and 17, depending on which projections you trust.

Some news outlets have called Arizona in Biden’s favor, which means he would need just six more. He leads in Nevada, but that vote is still being tallied. Take a look at the latest information from the American election.

2020 US Election Report

The news on politics this morning has shown that Trump has supporters in one state (Pennsylvania) standing outside vote tallying locations bellowing “STOP THE VOTE!” (they complain that polling stations have allegedly refused to let them see the counting process, by blocking view of the procedure to the onlookers with pizza boxes on the windows) and in another state (Arizona) bellowing “COUNT THE VOTES!” as Trump had shown some gains toward Biden’s total in that state.

There are four states that most agree are still in play: Nevada (where Biden currently leads) as well as three states where Trump leads (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia). Biden has drawn so close to Trump in Georgia, though, that even with 99% of the precincts reporting, the gap between the two candidates is close enough to keep the press outlets from declaring a projected winner.

Trump had declared victory on Election Night (Tuesday) demanding that all vote counting stop at midnight. That would have gone against state and federal laws that allowed for mail-in ballots to be postmarked by Election Day but received afterward. Laws vary by state; in Nevada, ballots can come in as late as November 10 this year and be counted, so long as they are postmarked by November 3, so it could be a while before we hear about that state’s totals.

Biden has hinted that it has “become clear” that he is moving toward 270 electoral votes, and he has announced his transition team on his campaign website. So we see both candidates moving to try and take the initiative as far as which is the next President in terms of public perception. By the end of today, we should have an answer about Georgia, more certainty in Arizona, and we may also have an answer from Pennsylvania.

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