May 6, 2021


Governor Andrew Cuomo is beginning to open New York City’s sports and entertainment events, which is a positive sign that the pandemic is ending. The New York legislature has been very strenuous regarding COVID-19 regulations. However, there are positive signs ahead for New York City’s sports and entertainment industry.

On Monday, Governor Cuomo announced that Broadway could open May 19th at a reduced capacity. He followed this up with a Wednesday announcement that was also music to New Yorkers’ ears.

Governor Cuomo confirmed that the Yankees and Mets could open sections of their stadium for full capacity on May 19th. These sections will be limited to fully vaccinated individuals.

Broadway Has Taken a Hit

Sports have generated some revenue because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the entertainment industry has been minimal. Governor Cuomo’s announcement was very exciting for theatre in New York, but the shows will not begin on May 19th. It is going to take time for the shows to resume.

The Broadway League has suspended shows until May 31st, but it’s unlikely that the performances will begin regularly. Shows will likely be back on a regular schedule in the fall.

When shows start, the Broadway League wants to have a complete capacity of viewers. It could cost the show companies more money to perform without a packed crowd following the pandemic. If Broadway goes live after Labor Day, Broadway will have lost $22.4 billion throughout the pandemic.

Following Governor Cuomo’s announcement, the Broadway League released a statement.  The League said, “We applaud the Governor’s recent announcement easing capacity limits on performance venues in New York State. We are encouraged by this good news, which is a long-awaited indication that New York is truly on the road to recovery.”

With a full capacity audience, every person in attendance will likely need a vaccine to attend a show.

New York City Sports Reopening – Baseball is Back

The Yankees and Mets will feature vaccinated sections without social distancing. They will still offer some parts of the ballpark for non-vaccinated people with social distancing. These sections will be limited to 33% capacity.

The mask mandate will not be lifted in the stadium. The franchises are putting an effort to raise the city’s vaccination rate because they will make more money when they can go to a filled stadium.

The Yankees and Mets will offer COVID-19 vaccinations at the stadium during home games. If a person chooses to get the vaccine at the stadium, they will receive a free ticket to a future contest. This should help Governor Cuomo’s vaccine efforts because people are expected to get the shot for a free ticket.

Cuomo emphasized this promotion in his Wednesday announcement. He said, “We will set up at the game, a facility, as you’re going in, come a little bit earlier and get your vaccine at the game. You’re going to the game anyway. It’s on your way, stop and get a vaccine. You can get a free ticket to a future Yankees or Mets game.”

The Mets and Yankees thanked Cuomo in their respective statements for the additional fans who will be able to attend future games.  

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