Nancy Pelosi Barrels Toward Budget Showdown

August 24, 2021

Nancy Pelosi Barrels Toward Budget Showdown with Dem Centrists

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pushing for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget, but she has not had a lot of luck. Even within her own party, Pelosi has struggled to garner support in the House of Representatives.

The speaker sent the House home just after midnight on Tuesday following a stalemate. This is a sign that the Democrats are starting to fall apart because their party has a divide. The Democrats have gone two ways. There is a strong liberal following, and there are also mainstream Democrats still holding on to old values.

Representative Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat from New Jersey, has been leading the fight against Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion budget plan. Based on past results, it appears that the Democrats will not have much success finalizing the current plan.

What Will Happen Tuesday?

Gottheimer Has been the primary leader battling Pelosi’s plan. The New Jersey representative is more of a mainstream Democrat, and he has been trying to find a bipartisan plan. However, he is having trouble because democratic centrists have still opposed his ideas.

There were at least five centrists who rejected what Gottheimer had to say. Nancy Pelosi has seen this as an opportunity to sway the centrists to her side of the plan. This lobbying occurs every day in Congress, and it will likely end in a stalemate.

Negotiations are expected to resume on Tuesday morning, and the entire democratic portion of the House, we’ll have a separate meeting to begin the day. Following this caucus meeting, the House Rules Committee is expected to have a conference.

Even though there are Democrats that oppose Pelosi’s plan, nearly all members of the party have stated that they will vote. This allows liberal Democrats and centrists to negotiate to find a deal that favors their party.

The vote will occur on Tuesday because lawmakers are scheduled to leave Washington in the evening. Nancy Pelosi spoke to the media about accomplishing a deal on Tuesday.

She said, “We will come back tomorrow and take up the rule at 12 o’clock.” When asked about a compromise budget with moderates, she responded, “We’ll see tomorrow, won’t we now?”

Nancy Pelosi’s budget plan

The current infrastructure budget plan is set to expire on September 30th, so a deal must be done by this time. However, the hefty cost is causing lawmakers to stray from Pelosi’s bill. The United States has spent a lot of money since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and this needs to get paid back.

Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion budget put could the United States in a gaping hole. As of Tuesday morning, the ten mainstream Democrats have promised to vote against the budget unless compromises are made from both sides.

Even though a vote will occur on Tuesday, it’s unlikely that anything will come to fruition. When $3.5 trillion is on the line, decisions cannot be rushed. For the Democratic Party to come together, it will take a lot of negotiations that will likely not be accomplished on Tuesday.

With a budget of this size, there are always going to be issues amongst lawmakers. Yet, this bill has seemed to rifle the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives.

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