March 10, 2021


Meghan Markle is no stranger to criticism since she married Prince Harry. Markle has not seemed to enjoy being thrust into the spotlight as a member of the Royal Family; and after this latest accusation, I am sure this opinion has not changed.

Meghan Markle was accused of wearing ‘blood money’ earrings; that were given to the Royals by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. She has been seen wearing the earrings on two separate occasions, which has caused criticism to boil to an all-time high.

This happened back in 2018; but the story is resurfacing because of new details from how she was recommended not to wear the jewelry.

Markle Spotted Wearing the Earrings Twice

It’s essential to note that Meghan Markle was not gifted the earrings directly from Mohammed bin Salman. It’s believed that the Crown Prince gave her the earrings as a wedding gift in March of 2018. People do not think that he met directly with her; but critics do not care about it when it comes to the earrings.

Markle was first seen wearing the earrings during a dinner in Fiji on a Royal Tour in Australia and New Zealand in October 2018. This event came just three weeks after a Washington Post writer named Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in Saudi Arabia.

Government officials in the United States accused Salman of the murder, so wearing the earrings was not a great look for the princess. Khashoggi’s lawyer was quick to speak out in 2018 when Markle was caught wearing the earrings.

Michael Eisner, who represented Khashoggi, stated that the earrings were bought with blood money and should not be worn by anyone, let alone a Royal Family member. He then expressed how she had no right to wear the earrings that a murderer gifted.

Meghan Markle’s Response

Meghan Markle wearing the earrings was not a good depiction of the Royal Family. Markle was quick to claim that she did not know the connection between Salman and Khashoggi’s death. There was a close source to the British Crown; that revealed that Markle had been recommended by aides not to wear the earrings on tour.

It’s also known that clothing choices for royal tours are carefully chosen weeks in advance. These two facts make people believe that she directly shunned recommendations not to wear the earrings, but this will probably never be certain.

Members of the staff advise, but ultimately the Royals choose what they wear on their tours. Royal Family members accept gifts, but you do not have to wear anything you are gifted in public. Therefore, Markle could have received the gift without directly showcasing them on tour.

Meghan Markle Three Years Later

Markle was seen wearing the earrings once again one month later at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party. The news on this story died down since the initial spike of criticism. However, the story has come up again because an interview with Markle is set for Sunday night with Oprah Winfrey.

No matter if you stand for or against Meghan Markle; there is no denying that this is a bad situation for the Royal Family.

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