Macron wins reelection in France against surging Marine Le Pen

April 26, 2022

Macron wins reelection in France against surging Marine Le Pen

Macron wins reelection. has defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential election on Sunday. The 44-year-old centrist politician is the first person to win reelection in the past twenty years.

Mr. Macron has won in what many considered a landslide. He won by 18 points and captured 59% of the vote versus 41 for his opponent.

While the score looks very impressive for a strong democracy of the Western alliance, it marked an 8-point drop compared to 2017.

Sunday was a rematch of the French presidential election five years ago. Macron obtained 66 percent of the vote during his first win versus 34 for his controversial rival.

Macron wins reelection in a tough environment

Europe and other allies in the West are breathing a sigh of relief after the incumbent easily won reelection.

During the campaign, Le Pen had promised to renegotiate many international treaties and seek better rapport with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She even proposed a “Frexit” for her country, six years after Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Le Pen constantly went after her opponent for being weak on immigration and bowing down to communitarianism in the country.

Le Pen’s positioning has made it possible for Macron to run as a sane voice against the powerful extremes. Macron also found his footing as the defender of universality and freedom.

However, he had to deal with an angry electorate after two years of lockdowns and mask mandates. The economy is recovering, but many voters feel it could be doing better.

The harsh political environment for Macron has led to the highest score for a far-right candidate in a presidential election in France.

Le Pen becomes the face of the opposition

After losing the presidency a third time, Le Pen still looks like she has a bright political future.
At 53, some observers believe she will run again in five years.

Macron cannot run for a third time. Le Pen and her political party, the National Rally (RN), are making a cold calculation. If she can keep winning ten extra points every time she runs, one day, she will become president of France.

It is a bold strategy, but the normalization of the far-right movement in France is in full motion.

Le Pen worked hard to present a milder version of her party this year.

She has also tried to bridge the divide between far-left and far-right by endorsing many populist ideas.

She is already focusing on the legislative elections in June.

What is next for Macron?

The inauguration has to be held at the Elysee Palace by May 13. The French president plans to travel to Germany in the upcoming days to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

It has been a tradition for newly-elected French presidents to make a trip to Berlin to meet the chancellor.

Moreover, this year, the Russian invasion of Ukraine demands even more cooperation from the German partner.

A short visit to Kyiv to sit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is also being discussed.

However, the parliamentary elections on June 12 and June 19 will really determine the direction of his new term as president.

If his party wins, he will have more leeway to implement his agenda in the next few years. If a party of the opposition triumphs, the new prime minister will have to come from their ranks.

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