Lithuania wants more help from Europe in the fight against China

December 17, 2021

Lithuania wants more help from Europe in the fight against China

In a world where China’s hegemony seems unavoidable, a tiny European country has chosen to stand up and resist against all odds, Lithuania.

However, the battle is messy, and the situation forces bigger nations to look in the mirror when it comes to their approach to China.

Leaders from Lithuania are showing a lot of grit and determination as they continue to defend democratic values.

But, the Communist nation has been ruthless in its response to the diplomatic crisis.

The goal is to ensure that no other country, big or small, will try the same thing again in the future. Lithuania is now looking for help; will it get it?

Lithuania asks Europe for support in the fight against China

In a preview of where the feud is possibly headed, an adviser to Lithuanian President Gitanas Naus ėda revealed that the country would be more direct in asking for support.

Lithuania hopes that the European Commission will show some courage and back the country in a meaningful way.

China has been aggressive in putting pressure on the tiny European country after it decided to develop closer ties with Taiwan. This is a move that China has deemed unacceptable.

China views self-governed Taiwan as a territory and is against other countries getting too close to it when it comes to the world’s stage.

The Chinese government grew frustrated last month after Taiwan was allowed to open a representative office in Vilnius. In recent years, Lithuania has adopted a pro-democracy posture, which some experts see as a form of rebuke of the Chinese regime.

China seems to have gotten the message, and things have never been the same ever since.

China takes tough measures against Lithuania

Lithuania pulled its diplomats out of China this week, citing “intimidation.” The European envoys reportedly feared for their own safety. China has disputed this characterization. Last month, the Asian superpower downgraded its rapport with Lithuania over the diplomatic flirtation with Taiwan. China also stopped importing goods from European countries.

China is even encouraging European businesses to stop buying Lithuanian products. It is not yet clear if this kind of pressure will work on a large scale.

Officially, China has not instructed businesses to do such a thing. However, state media is pushing the message. Taiwan has vowed to develop more ties with Lithuania.

Europe is caught in the middle of the issue.

Europe has trouble finding a solution to the feud between China and Lithuania

Observers say that there is not really much the EU can do to help Lithuania in its fight against Beijing because China holds all of the cards.

While meeting in Brussels on Thursday, 27 EU leaders spent very little time talking about the situation. EU Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis has publicly backed Lithuania, but he does not have many options.

Europe has called for an investigation into China’s practices. The United Kingdom has denounced what happened with the Lithuanian diplomats.

If Lithuania was hoping for a more robust response, it would have to wait a little longer. At the moment, its European allies are showing no appetite for a conflict with China.

Some wonder when all is said and done if Lithuania will not find itself in a very isolated position on the Old Continent.

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