August 2, 2021


Haiti President Jovenel Moise was shot dead on July 7 in his own home. He was attacked by a group of murderers who have yet to be discovered. The assassination shook Haiti to its core. Whether Haitians liked Moise or despised the leader, it was shocking to see the president killed in his own home.

His wife, Martine Moise, was lucky to survive the assault, but she had to play dead, so the attackers did not go back to take her life. Investigations are ongoing throughout the country and in other nations as police look to find the murderers.

Here are some of the details that have been revealed in the two weeks since the attack.

Possible Suspects for the Assassinating the Haiti President

The killers have stayed unknown since the killing, which is remarkable considering the scale of the murder. These people charged Moise’s compound and opened fire on the leader. They were able to escape on the night of the attack and have not been identified.

According to the leader’s wife, there have been 20 suspects taken into custody by the Haitian police. Although, none of them have been connected to the murder. These suspects were detained based on reports from people who witnessed the killing and other credible sources.

However, the Haitian police are still hard at work to determine the actual group of killers in the case. Martine witnessed the attack and was shot, but she pretended to be dead to save her own life.

Moise was in critical condition following the murder, but she survived thanks to immediate medical care. She has been outspoken and seen in public. Last week, she spoke at her husband’s funeral and was emotional.

She spoke to the Haitian media as well. In her first public address, she stated, “Only the oligarchs and the system could kill him. I would like the people who did this to be caught. Otherwise, they will kill every single president who takes power. They did it once. They will do it again.”

These comments corresponded with the country’s minister saying that the “big fishes could only accomplish this attack.” There are people who have accused other countries of the killing, but these are just rumors at this time.

Minister Mathias Pierre said, “There are more powerful people behind this.” His comments and Moise’s have resonated with the nation, and everyone is determined to catch the killers.

Who Could it Be?

The Haitian police are starting with the big fish theory in their investigation. They believe a group of Columbian mercenaries carried out the murder. 18 of these men has been captured, and three were killed on July 7 in the raid. However, some people escaped the scene, and police are still searching for this group.

Some Columbians were posing as American Drug Enforcement Administration Agents to cause uproar around the presidential compound. Police also believe that Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Florida pastor, was connected to the murder because he wanted to be the country’s next president.

However, many Haitians are still skeptical of these theories. They believe it could have been done by Haitian traitors that were looking for something in the palace. According to Moise, they found their desired item.

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