Kimberly Potter Trial: Defense pushes accident angle

December 10, 2021

Kimberly Potter Trial: Defense pushes accident angle

The Kimberly Potter trial is getting a lot of attention, almost eight months after a tragic incident that has divided America along racial lines.

The killing of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, by then-police officer Potter in April, had sparked a great deal of tension in a country that was still grappling with the aftermath of George Floyd‘s death.

The former Brooklyn Center officer is facing two charges of manslaughter for shooting and killing Wright.

The conversation about policing continues because Potter claimed that she mistook her gun for a Taser during a traffic stop in Minnesota.

Some people want a new kind of Taser

Experts around America are still trying to put the pieces together to understand how such a mistake was even possible.

Some observers say that training makes it clear that officers should be careful when pulling a gun or Taser.

According to reports, most police departments put the Taser in a cross-draw position, which separates it from the handgun.

While this is true, others have pointed out that mistakes still occur because human error is unavoidable. The people behind that idea say that mishaps remain very rare.

However, on that point, many are pushing for a regular firearm and a stun gun to be different in shape and feel.

The two sides of this conversation agree that stress is also a crucial element in those tense situations where everything can go wrong.

Experts say stress played a role in Kimberly Potter’s behavior

When the tragic incident occurred, Potter was a field training officer who was trying to stop Wright from fleeing.

Based on the body camera video, Wright got into his vehicle after breaking away from trainee Officer Anthony Luckey.

Potter could also be heard screaming “Taser” seconds before firing into Wright at a close range with her handgun. The vehicle crashed moments later.

Experts believe that training another officer brings additional stress to the job. There is always the need to try to protect the rookie while also looking out for their own safety.

Training officers also need to keep track of the mistakes that rookies are making for the evaluation.

Some even say that since Luckey was mishandling the arrest, things became more difficult for Potter, who was very distraught after the shooting.

Potter’s defense says the tragic incident was an accident. According to reports, officers mistaken their handgun for a Taser happens less than once every two years.

Nine cases have been documented since 2001.

Prosecutors want Potter to spend a lot of time in prison

With the charges that she is currently facing, the 48-year-old former officer could spend up to 15 years in prison if she is found guilty.

Prosecutors have said that they will do their best to get a maximum sentence. However, in similar cases, some form of leniency had prevailed in the past.

Robert Bates spent less than two years in prison in a four-year sentence after shooting an unarmed Black man named Eric Harris in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2015.

Bates claimed that he wanted to use a Taser instead of his gun. He was convicted for second-degree manslaughter.

While the general public is pushing for more justice, some say it is probable that Potter might get the same kind of punishment.

Wright was on the phone with his mother, Katie Bryant, when he was shot dead.

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