April 18, 2021


The Derek Chauvin case has been in full effect in Minneapolis. In this trial, the defense is about to take the stand, so the court is getting close to making a decision. Minneapolis has been through a lot, and this was compounded with the killing of Daunte Wright. Kim Potter, the former officer responsible for the murder will be making her first court appearance on Thursday.

The Protests in Minneapolis

Kim Potter meant to use her taser against Wright, but she pulled her gun and ended up shooting the young man. This killing, combined with the Chauvin trial, has caused numerous protests around Minneapolis. Many of these protests have turned into riots.

It seems like the tension is dropping in Minneapolis after four nights of demonstrations. However, they could start to grow again with Potter heading to court. There was a curfew in place that many people did not follow in the area.

Kim Potter to Appear in Court in Minneapolis

Potter was arrested on Wednesday for her actions. She was charged with second-degree manslaughter for slaying the 20-year-old. The killing was accidental, but it was a lethal mistake on the part of Potter.

She stopped Wright’s car on Sunday, and he was not following directions, according to Potter. She kept screaming “Taser” like she was going to use non-lethal force. Wright was pulled over because he was facing a misdemeanor for a weapons charge.

He was outside of his car with his hands above his head. However, he tried to sneak away and got back in his car.

Potter accidentally drew the wrong weapon and fired it at Wright, which led to his death. Wright drove away before crashing and dying on the scene from the wound. Potter stepped down from her position on the force.

Once she was taken into custody, she paid her bail and was released. Wright’s family has been heading the charges against Potter. There have been over 20 arrests caused by the protests in response to Wright’s killing.

Potential Charges for Second Degree Manslaughter

Potter faces a charge for second-degree manslaughter in court. The definition of this indictment is when you use negligence, and you kill someone who provided an unreasonable risk.

The maximum punishment for second-degree manslaughter is ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

There have been people that have said that Kim Potter’s mistake was intentional. She carried her handgun in her belt’s right side and had her taser holstered on the left. Therefore, it’s not like they were right next to each other, and she grabbed the wrong one.

Some people have defended Wright, stating that the high-stress situation causes you to make mistakes. Potter submitted her resignation letter, but it has not been accepted.

The Mayor of Brooklyn Center wanted to conduct a thorough investigation of the situation before allowing Potter to step down. The trial will be conducted in a neighboring county to give Potter a chance at a fair trial.

The Wright killing is the third major case in Minneapolis in the past five years by the police.

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