Kim Jong un faces dire economic situation in North Korea

October 11, 2021

Kim Jong-un faces dire economic situation as North Korea defector reveals

Kim Kuk Song, a former spy chief in North Korea, has revealed that the regime manufactured crystal meth when it needed money. Kim Jong un faces dire economic situation as North Korea defector reveals.

He had worked for the country’s spy agency for close to 30 years before fleeing to South Korea in 2014.

At the time, he felt threatened after Kim Jong-un, the current Supreme Leader, who ascended to the political throne in 2011, executed his uncle, Jang Song-thaek.

North Korean spy chief says crystal meth and arms sales keep the regime afloat

The controversial figure was convinced that Jang was a direct threat to his legitimacy.

After landing in Seoul, the defector worked for South Korean intelligence.

He made a few shocking revelations in an interview with BBC published over the weekend. Between 1994 and 1998, under the reign of Kim Jong Il, North Korea faced a terrible famine and needed money.

Three foreigners were brought into the country to get the crystal meth plan in motion. The money raised by producing the drug, known as “ICE” in North Korea, was used to support Kim Jong Il’s lavish lifestyle.

According to the former spy, the people in the country did not benefit because all money in the land belongs to the leader.

While some may doubt the words coming out of Kim Kuk Song’s mouth, his statements were backed by a more recent defector named Thae Yong-ho.

Mr. Thae claimed that the country’s leader sponsors drug trafficking. North Korea was previously linked to the production of heroin and opium.

North Koreans have a unique relationship with crystal meth, which is very popular. In some cases, it is used to fight hunger. Hard drugs are even given as presents.

The country is reportedly also involved in arms sales to places like Iran, Syria, Myanmar, Libya, and Sudan. Some wonder if Kim Jong-un will follow in his father’s footsteps when it comes to crystal meth.

Kim Jong-un faces first real big challenge

In a rare move, the current leader admitted that his country was in a dire situation. He asked his people to prepare for an “arduous march,” just like in the 1990s.

North Korea is facing housing, food, and clothing problems. Despite those challenges, its leader remains committed to missile testing activities that anger the United States and South Korea.

However, on Sunday, Kim Jong-un urged the officials of his country to work hard on solutions that could improve the lives of his people.

It is not clear that any concrete measures will be taken soon to address the different issues. Experts say the Supreme Leader is dealing with the biggest crisis of his reign.

Kim Jong-un is looking for a way out in negotiations with Biden administration

After some overtures with former U.S. President Donald Trump, negotiations over the country’s denuclearization are not moving in the right direction.

North Korea needs the sanctions to be lifted to benefit from some economic relief. However, the country does not seem to be ready to cede any ground to Joe Biden.

Moreover, Kim Jong-un is trying to reach out to South Korea to see if its rival is willing to pressure America in exchange for more normalization of their relationship.

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