April 28, 2021


Joe Biden is approaching his 100-day mark as the President of the United States. There have been mixed feelings about Biden’s performance after 100 days, but the numbers do not lie.

It’s a tradition for many media outlets to grade a president after 100 days. By this time, the incumbent has a chance to change policy and see how it’s carrying out in the country. This has been the case since Franklin Delano Roosevelt after he started pulling the United States out of the Great Depression after 100 days.

Here are some of Biden’s actions after spending just over three months in the White House.

Joe Biden Has Signed 11 Bills into Law

President Joe Biden has signed 11 bills into law after 100 days. Since George W. Bush, he is the third-ranking President in signed bills.

Bush only signed seven into law, but Biden sits behind Obama and Trump, who passed 14 and 28, respectively. President Joe Biden did sign a critical bill into law in the first 100 days.

The President passed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package bill in March, which is the most notable of his 11 thus far. FDR holds the record for bills signed in the first 100 days with 76 bills.

Biden Has Passed 42 Executive Orders

President Joe Biden’s limited bill passing does not mean that he has not been busy. Biden has passed 42 executive orders, which is the most since FDR. Trump, who many people considered heavy with his executive orders, passed 33 in his first 100 days.

Joe Biden’s executive orders had surprised many people because he talked about unity when he ran. However, he has not unified the country through his executive orders. He has tried to unravel the Trump agenda through these orders to get his democratic ideologies enacted quickly in the United States.

Biden has reversed 62 Trump policies through his bills and executive orders. He brought the United States back into the Paris climate agreement and returned the country to the World Health Organization.

He also stopped the construction of the wall on the United States’ southern border. This policy changed has caused countless issues with immigrants trying to enter the nation illegally.

Joe Biden Has an Approval Rating Slightly Over 50%

There are many polls that you can view for different Biden approval ratings. However, most polls have him listed at slightly over 50%. The highest is 53%, and the lowest was 50%.

It’s respectable for a president to be over 50%, and Biden has stayed stable. After his first week in office, he had a 53% approval rating, so he has not dropped through the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

When you look at party lines, Biden is not doing well with Republicans. 93% of Democrats favor Biden, but only 12% of Republicans are pleased with the incumbent. Joe Biden’s policies do not align with conservatives, so it’s unlikely he will be able to please the right.

To grow his conservative following, he will have to recover his moderate mentality from earlier in his political career.

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