Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

October 16, 2021

Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

IItaly Protests Over Covid Regulations erupted following the announcement of the most crucial stringent anti-coronavirus regulations, even as Italy has reached its vaccination goal.

According to the new Covid-19 measures, all workers from magistrates to maids, will need to show a health pass to get into their workplace. This so-called “Green Pass” will work as a proof of vaccination or a recent negative test.

Academic activities ended early and embassies were alarmed of possible violence amid concerns that the demonstrations could flip violent. Police were out in forces to control the situations.

Despite all these violent protests that erupted over the weekend, Italy is proceeding with the new strictest Covid-19 measures in Europe.

The current situation has sparked a heated debate and opposition in the country that was badly affected early in the pandemic and now vaccination rates are among the highest in Europe.

Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

One of the protestor said “Today they are stepping on our constitution, I say NO to this discrimination.”

Those who opposed the vaccination and are unable to show a negative test report or a vaccination certificate that indicates the holder is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, will be suspended from work and will risk not getting paid after the fifth day.

How the new “Green Pass” rule will work

Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

Implementation of the new rule set by the government is going to impose a burden on workers and employers alike. Electronic scanners than can read cellphones QR codes with the Green Pass have been arranged at the greater workplaces such as the office of Italian Premier Mario Draghi.

But at the smaller workspaces like public eateries and sports clubs, employers and managers have to download an app that can scan the codes.

The employers who fail to check employers will have to pay fine vary from 400-1,000 euros. An employee who fails to show up the green pass at work is considered to be absent from work without any justification and if the worker shows up anyway without a valid green pass, he or she will face the fine vary from 600-1500 euros.

The Italian government first introduced the pass in June for international travel and then expanded the rule to indoor dining, theaters and pools etc. And now from October 15, it will be mandatory for all workplaces.

Workers panic about enforcement

Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

Many workers expressed frustration over the lack of information about the implementation and enforcement of the new rule.

Cristiana Liguori, the head of national cleaning company Mast, which employs more than 1,000 cleaners nationwide, support the new workplace Green Pass rule. But she and her brother CEO Domenico Liguori say, they have yet to receive the finalized instructions from the government.

The main purpose of the new rule

Italy Protests Over Covid Regulations

While the new Green Pass requirement is to make the workplaces safer, the implicit goal is to pressurize more people to get vaccinated.

The Green Pass requirement is not purely a vaccine mandate, since a negative test report or proof of being recovered from Covid-19 in the past 6 months are other ways to get it.

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