March 25, 2021


The United States Election showed the world what gridlock looked like in the political sphere. The same narrative is occurring in the Israeli Election as there is still no winner of the country’s race with 90% of the ballot counted.

Benjamin Netanyahu has served as the country’s Prime Minister since 2009, but he has not received enough votes to be declared the winner in 2021. This could change in the coming days, but the people in the nation are anxiously anticipating a winner.

The Current Israeli Election

With 90% of the vote counted, the election is said to be a very close call. This is evident because the nation has not declared a winner with 10% of the vote outstanding.

It’s believed that the Israelites will not be able to declare a winner as soon as they would hope. Political analysts in the nation have stated that it appears that the deadlock will continue for an extended period.

This is the fourth Israeli election in two years. The entire period has been a depiction of corruption from Netanyahu. Netanyahu has been on trial for corruption, but he has maintained his position despite the acquisitions.

The story could finish differently in 2021, depending on who citizens pick on the final 10% of the ballots. The country is evenly divided on the question of Netanyahu’s ability to serve. If Netanyahu finagles his way to power again, it will be remarkable, yet unsurprising, because it has been a common occurrence over the past four years.

There could be a fifth election in August if nothing comes to fruition in the upcoming weeks.

Netanyahu’s Claimed Victory

Benjamin Netanyahu was preparing to claim victory. The Likud Party, which he represents, had balloons and streamers ready to fall from the ceiling. However, no winner was declared, but Netanyahu still spoke to his followers.

He said it was a great accomplishment to win 30 seats in parliament. This is not enough for him to be sure that he will get to continue leading the country. Netanyahu spoke to the opposition parties to support him to guarantee his leadership.

This did not work because opposing parties may agree with Netanyahu on issues in some cases, but they want the 12-year leader removed from his leadership position. The lack of parliament leaders willing to budge indicates that there will likely be a fifth election in August.

Conflicting Beliefs

There is a lot of political turmoil in Israel between the conservative and liberal parties. It’s unlikely that the right-wing Jewish parties in the country will align with the Arab parties.

It’s also unlikely that a single party from the right and left will form to oppose Netanyahu because of fundamental belief differences that will not override a hatred for the current leader.

The Israeli government is slowly becoming more liberal-minded, which is essential to note. There are now leaders who will be taking seats in parliament that supports LGBTQ rights and anti-Arab racism groups in the nation.

The long path to leadership in Israel makes it highly unlikely that the election issue will be solved soon. A more concrete picture regarding the Israeli Election should be available in the coming weeks.

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