May 15, 2021


The war for the Gaza Strip between the Israelis and Hamas is continuing to destroy the countries. Innocent bystanders and militants have been dying every day because of the fight. It does not appear the tension is easing in the Middle East.

On Saturday, the Israeli military fired an airstrike into Palestine that hit an apartment building that housed reporters from the Associated Press and other media outlets. This was Israel’s second major strike on the city within hours.

The first of the day hit a refugee camp on the Gaza Strip that killed ten Palestinian people. It was later revealed that most of the deaths were children. No media members died from the air raid, but deaths occur every day in the area because of the battle over the Gaza Strip.

The High Rise Strike

The Israeli Defense Forces warned people in the 12-story building one hour before the bombing to evacuate the building. The apartment was a luxury building in the city that had apartments and office buildings. The two primary media outlets in the building were the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera, the largest Arabic news platform in the world.

The strike destroyed the entire building, bringing it to the ground in a cloud of dust. Israel has not given an explanation why the building of the medias was targeted.

The Deadliest Strike of the Conflict for Gaza Strip

The high-rise destruction made headlines because of the media members who lived and worked in the building. Although, the deadliest strike of the conflict occurred earlier on Saturday when the Palestinian refugee camp was targeted. It’s possible that a cease-fire could happen between the two sides soon. However, both groups are trying to gain an advantage going into the negotiation process.

Nevertheless, this battle is engrained in the culture of the Gaza Strip. It’s unlikely that a cease-fire will stop the conflict. Muslims and Jews have been interviewed throughout the battles, saying that they will no longer live in the same city as their religious counterparts.

The violence has accelerated rapidly since it started in Jerusalem last week. Minor fights between Jews and Arabs have transformed into a massive battle between Israel and Hamas.

Bad Timing for Palestinians

This violence is ensuing at a terrible time for the Palestinians. Saturday marked the anniversary of catastrophe day, where they celebrated the displacement of 700,000 Palestinians. Close to one million people had to flee their homes in an area that now belongs to Israel because of a war between the two sides in 1948.

This battle goes back to the Old Testament, but this anniversary is a recent memory that is likely to continue the violence. Even though the Israeli military has killed many people through airstrikes, Hamas is attempting to do the same.

Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel and around the Gaza Strip. The fight has led to 139 total deaths, including 39 children and 22 women in the Gaza Strip. In Israel, eight people have died.

The damage could be unrepairable until both sides can come to an agreement over the Gaza Strip.

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