August 7, 2021


Wildfires have devastated the world throughout the summer months. The rising temperatures and dry air because of climate change have not helped the cause of the wildfires. The latest natural disaster to occur throughout the world has been in Greece.

Wildfires in the regions north of Athens have been destroyed by surging wildfires. The temperatures are still rising, and emergency crews are doing their best to battle the flames. However, crews have done little to improve the situation because of the scale of the fires in the area.

Northern Athens Wildfires

The areas north of Athens and Evia Island have been the two locations hardest hit by the wildfires. Sparks have been shining from Greece’s capital since Thursday when the blazes began. Residents of Athens departed the city and moved to the southern suburbs because of fear that the fires were coming for the capital.

Authorities have stated the fires will not be easy to control. Things could get worse before they become better, so evacuation was encouraged. The temperatures soared to 40 degrees Celsius or 107 Fahrenheit on Friday, along with gale-force winds.

This is a perfect combination to feed fires that are growing rapidly. Twelve people have been taken to the hospital, including two volunteer firefighters who are currently being treated for burns in the intensive care unit.

Although, things are bound to worsen in terms of hospitalizations and deaths with no signs of relief in the country. The firefighters experienced burns because of the difficulty combating the blazes with the wind.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis attested to the fact that the winds and heat make the fires very unpredictable for emergency crews. He said,” We are dealing with unprecedented conditions as many days of heatwave have turned the whole country into a powder keg.”

Evia Island Wildfires

The Evia Island wildfires have been worse than the fires in the northern surroundings of Athens. Church bells rang on Thursday morning to warn people that the blazes were beginning. Up to 30 villages on the island have been evacuated because of the wildfires, with more expected throughout the weekend.

According to Mayor George Tsapourniotis, the flames are more than 40 meters high, making it very tough for relief crews to create a solution. The Prime Minister of Greece begged the nation’s people to stay together despite the heightened tension with climate change activists.

Firefighters have tried a lot to stop the fires which began occurring on Tuesday. Houses, towns, and villages have already been destroyed, and this will continue. Firefighters have primarily used waterbombing through fixed-wing aircraft to control the blazes.

Although, there are people on the ground detaining the fires as well. The nation is in a state of emergency, and there will be no visitation to national parks and forests for the foreseeable future. Power lines have also been cut to allow easier access for rescue workers causing more discomfort for citizens.

One positive sign is that outside countries have offered to help Greece return to normalcy. Firefighters and aircraft have been deployed from countries like Sweden, France, Switzerland, and Romania.

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