March 12, 2021


Democratic governors have been consuming the media’s attention in the past couple of weeks. First, we saw Governor Cuomo accused of sexual harassment and thousands of nursing home deaths in New York. A similar story is now developing in Michigan with Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer could be facing criminal charges for how she handled nursing homes at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. A Michigan prosecutor announced the potential charges at the beginning of the week.

Republicans Pushing Forward

The Republican Party in Michigan is pushing to charge Governor Whitmer with mishandling of nursing homes in the state during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way Governor Whitmer handled the cases early led to deaths in Michigan’s nursing homes.

Her allegations are similar to the nursing home charges that Governor Cuomo could face in New York following an investigation. The potential case in Michigan is coming after Republicans discovered a $155,000 confidential separation agreement made to the former Health Department Director in the state.

Robert Gordon is the former director who benefited from the check. It’s believed that this check was written to Gordon to stay quiet about how Governor Whitmer handled the nursing homes in Michigan.

The Investigation

Due to Michigan law, it has been difficult for the public to see death records from state nursing homes. The prosecutor leading the effort, Peter Lucido, has been unable to retrieve nursing home records because of laws that keep the patient’s information confidential.

These laws have been a significant reason that these claims are just being brought forward even though the alleged scandal occurred at the beginning of the virus outbreak.

Lucido revealed his process with the case moving forward to ABC 7 WXYZ in Michigan on Monday. He said, “If we find there’s been willful neglect of office, if we find there’s been reckless endangerment of a person’s life by bringing them in, then we would move forward with charges against the Governor. Of course, we would. Nobody’s above the law in this state.”

There have been countless examples of politicians believing they are above the law during the pandemic. It’s interesting to see these negative actions, such as Governor Whitmer’s in Michigan, being brought into the limelight.

If Lucido moves forward with the investigation, there will be calls to impeach Governor Whitmer. Cries for Governor Cuomo to step down have occurred in New York, so the same thing is probable in Michigan.

Hypocritical Governor Whitmer

These allegations could not have come at a worse time for Governor Whitmer because she just commented on Governor Cuomo’s situation. She told CNN, “I think the allegations here are very serious and need to be taken seriously. And I do think that an impartial, thorough, independent investigation is merited and appropriate.”

Governor Whitmer’s office criticized Lucido for allegations that lacked substance. They believed it was an attack on Whitmer’s political party. However, a $155,000 check was discovered, so it’s expected that this situation will continue to develop.

An investigation is currently underway, and the Michigan Attorney General will be working on the case as it progresses.

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