January 7, 2021


Latest Political News – Georgia Hangs in the Balance

We saw history being made in the state of Georgia last night, with Rev. Raphael Warnock defeating Kelly Loeffler in the runoff election to become the first black Senator from Georgia. It was a big moment, to be sure, but for the Democratic party, it’s a matter of a job half done. They still need Jon Ossoff to win against David Perdue so that they can take control of the Senate.

Prior to the November election, Georgia was a state that some predicted would flip from Republican to Democrat, which it did, with Joe Biden winning by less than 12,000 votes. In terms of the Senate races, the winner needs to receive 50% of the vote to secure the win, which did not happen. That is why we had the runoff elections take place in Georgia on Monday.

When Biden won, it is was the first time that Georgia had voted Democrat since the 1990’s. In the case of Warnock, he will be the first Democratic Senator form the state in 20 years. Both victories are a result of hard work from people like House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams, who, among others, has been leading voter registration drives in Georgia for many years now.

The latest political news

Showed that Warnock took 50.6% of the votes in the runoff against Loeffler, winning by slightly more than 50,000 votes. With 98% of the votes counted, Jon Ossoff has a 16,000-vote lead over Perdue, and while the Democrat declared victory early Tuesday morning, most still have that race as too close to call.

The Fallout from the Senate Election Runoff Races

If Ossoff does indeed win to give Democrats control of the Senate, there are going to be several theories as to why the results went the way they did. Some will point to the work that the Democrats did in getting their voters out to the polls, as the turnout was the highest ever for a runoff in the state of Georgia. Many more will point to President Trump and his efforts to overturn the November vote in the state.

The latest political news suggests that the Republican party is divided at the moment and that many Trump supporters simply did not show up on Monday in Georgia. We will know more once the second race is called and the experts begin to dig deeper into the results.

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