December 31, 2020


Latest Political News

Georgia Ballot: With the New Year fast approaching; much of the latest political news in the U.S. is about the Senate runoff elections in Georgia. There is a lot at stake; which is why the Republican Party is doing all they can to secure the win. That included filing a lawsuit in an effort to close absentee Georgia ballots after regular business hours.

Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams dismissed the suit on Friday afternoon, rejecting the case in an online hearing. The result means that the drop boxes will remain open around the clock; albeit under video surveillance, until the polls officially close on Jan. 6.

This is not the first time that the Republicans have tried to change things in Georgia.

A series of lawsuits were filed in the wake of the Presidential election, most of which were related to alleged voter fraud. None of the suits filed has been successful in either federal or state courts in Georgia.

The Republican National Committee and Georgia Republican Party’s argument; was that drop boxes should operate under the same hours as the county election offices. The lawsuit failed; because the State Election Board approved a rule earlier this year allowing drop boxes to be open 24 hours.

Since seeing the state of Georgia flip from Republican to Democrat in the election; Republicans have gone to great lengths to make the argument that there was widespread voter fraud in the election. They believe that the public confidence has been eroded because of the alleged fraud; for which no real evidence has been presented.

Whether or not that is indeed the case; any attempts to change the way in which the runoffs are conducted was always going to be a tough sell this late in the game. After all, there is just one week remaining for advance and absentee voters to make their votes count.

There is no doubt; that election officials in the state of Georgia are under pressure to ensure that both runoffs go off without a hitch. The goal is to make sure things smoothly; so that the latest political news is not about issues with the voting.

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