April 1, 2021


France has been very conservative when it comes to lockdowns and handling the Covid pandemic.

French President Emmanuel Macron had previously shut down the country twice, and he did it for a third time on Wednesday.

There is a new coronavirus wave beginning to spike in the country, so Macron is doing what he thinks is right to stop the surging virus.

Covid Pandemic: Reasons for France Lockdown

There has been a noticeable climb in the virus in the past few weeks in France.

This rise has led to a higher infection rate, hospitals being filled, and contaminations in schools throughout the nation.

Macron was faced with two options for the third wave of the Covid pandemic.

He could have waited and hoped that vaccinations would be rapidly distributed, or he could halt daily operations in the nation.

There were already restrictions in place for one-third of the nation in areas around France’s major cities.

However, the Wednesday lockdown will apply to the entire country, and it will last four weeks.

If the lockdown does not work, Macron could extend it. The latest restriction orders will go into place on Saturday, with schools closing for three of the initial four weeks.

Covid Pandemic: Impact of Coronavirus on France

France has been hit extremely hard by the Covid pandemic.

The total number of deaths in the nation is approaching 100,000 and doing so at a rapid rate.

The lockdown is not expected to prevent the total from reaching a substantial six-figure number.

The new variant that’s arising in the country was first discovered in Britain.

Two-thirds of the new cases are being diagnosed as the British variant.

The COVID-19 variants have been feared throughout the world because vaccines do not prevent human manipulation.

This was one fact that led to Macron closing the country instead of waiting for the vaccination.

Macron did not want to lock down the country because the nation will lose money, and people will suffer.

However, Macron caved and gave in to the scientists and doctors who had been trying to get the president to restrict activity in the country.

The same thing is going on in Italy and Germany, so Covid pandemic lockdowns are common throughout the European Union.

Three-quarters of Italians are not allowed to leave their homes unless it’s for essential reasons.

Germany has imposed lockdowns in some portions of the country, but these orders are not as strict as Italy and France.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Lockdown Orders

President Macron’s old lockdown orders are not as strict as the one that will go into effect on Saturday.

In the past, people in Paris were unable to leave their homes.

The current shutdown will allow people to go outside without filing paperwork, but they will be limited to a six-mile radius from their home.

This will be tough to track, but it should restrain most people from traveling.

There will also be a curfew in place from 7 pm to 6 am. This does not mean that this lockdown is less severe than the past two.

France is on the edge of another Covid pandemic crisis, so expect the government to continue stressing how important it is for people to follow directions.

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