Former President Donald Trump amid missing letters drama

October 4, 2022

Former President Donald Trump amid missing letters drama

Former President Donald Trump is still dealing with the aftermath of the FBI search at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida in August. During the inquiry, different sets of classified documents were found.

The controversial Republican politician claims that as President, he could declassify documents by just thinking about it. Many experts say this is a mischaracterization of the powers that come with the presidency.

More details about the sensational case have surfaced on Monday. They paint a picture that is not too favorable to the ex-reality TV star. It seems that on different occasions, he chose not to return certain documents to the National Archives.

Trump’s legal issues are complex and have many different layers. Their outcomes will play a determining factor in Trump’s political future.

National Archives release new information about exchanges with Trump’s lawyers

After the Mar-a-Lago episode, many conservatives rushed to defend Trump without knowing more about the facts. Close to two months later, some things have changed.

The Republican Party still stands behind the real estate mogul. However, the support is more muted when it comes to the classified documents.

Republicans are more interested in pointing out alleged abuse of power by the FBI instead of mounting a solid defense for what Trump has done.

Monday’s revelations will put them on even icier territory on the subject. The National Archives sent out exchanges that they had with Trump’s lawyers in May 2021.

At the time, they alerted them about missing letters with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. A letter from President Barack Obama was also missing.

Trump falsely said he gave the letters to the Archives in 2021

New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman spoke with Mr. Trump several times for her new book, Confidence Man.

During the different exchanges, he reportedly told her that he had given the letters from the North Korean leader to the National Archives.

However, as the latest developments show, he was not telling the truth. After the information surfaced, the businessman took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to blast Haberman’s reporting in general.

CNN did obtain the audio of the interview, and the news outlet was able to confirm that the former president was not telling the truth.

However, the lawyers for Mr. Trump have been able to score some points while fighting the case in court.

Trump is looking at another run for the White House

The former reality TV star is thinking hard about running for president again in 2024. According to Haberman, he might seek the highest office in the land just to shield himself from more legal problems.

The journalist, who knows Trump very well, says his heart may not be in it this time around, but he will do it anyway to protect himself from facing more troubles with the law.

Trump will have some obstacles along the way. While he remains the face of his party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is growing in popularity.

For many, he has some of Trump’s attributes without all the baggage. However, a bitter primary between the two men could help President Joe Biden if he runs for another term.

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