February 12, 2021


A rare female nazi concentration case was announced in Berlin, Germany. A former secretary from the Stutthof Nazi concentration camp was charged with complicity in the murders of 10,000 people. Such a charge is atypical because of the sex of the concentration camp staff member.

The majority of Nazi accusations have been bestowed upon males, so this developing case is a rarity.

The Official Charge

German prosecutors have not released the woman’s name, charged with complicity in the murders of 10,000 people. The official language used by prosecutors in the indictment was “aiding and abetting murder in more than 10,000 cases.”

The prosecutors emphasized that the woman was a minor at the time of the crimes. As a child, she assisted in the systematic killing of Jewish, Polish, and Soviet prisoners of war.

At the camp, the woman was a stenographer and the secretary to the camp commander. The period that the 10,000 murders took place was between June 1943 and April 1945. The woman will appear in front of a juvenile court because she was a minor when she committed the accused offenses.

A child’s mind is undeveloped, so this should help her cause as she prepares for her court case.

A History of Stutthof

The Stutthof Female Nazi concentration camp has a very deadly history. It is believed that 65,000 murders took place inside this concentration camp. Stutthof is near the present-day city of Gdansk in Poland.

This is not the only investigation that has occurred at Stutthof. There are currently 13 active Nazi concentration camp cases that are being investigated. The Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes is leading the charge to jail the involved parties.

In the summer of 2020, a former Stutthof guard was convicted of thousands of counts of murders. This man was 93 years of age when he was sentenced. He was tried in a juvenile court because he was 17 years old in his final year working at Stutthof.

The guard received a two-year suspended prison sentence. A suspended prison sentence in Germany is similar to parole in the United States. The criminal must comply with a curfew and mandatory orders, but they are free to live independently.

This guard’s sentence should indicate what will happen to the woman who was charged on Friday. The Nazis established the Stutthof concentration in 1939. Stutthof held 115,000 prisoners during its operation.

Nearly 60,000 of the prisoners died or were murdered in Stutthof. Just over 22,000 were shipped to larger Nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz. More than six million Jewish people were killed in concentration camps during World War II.

The carnage that took place in Nazi concentration camps is why the Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes is still leading the fight to push this abuse to the forefront by investigating former workers. Some of the other camps that are being investigated are Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and Mauthausen.

More information surrounding the recent case should be developing in the coming weeks.

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