August 11, 2021


There are problems throughout Africa with militant groups attempting to take over different countries. In Ethiopia alliance, a militant leader says his group has inked a deal with the Tigray forces, who are looking to take over the nation. The primary conflicts in Ethiopia began in the Tigray region last year, and they are spreading.

This has not been good for citizens because violence is beginning to disrupt life. Additionally, there is no end to the violence in sight.

Details of the Alliance

The alliance between the Ethiopian militant group and Tigay forces was made in an effort to overthrow the nation’s government. The leader of the Oromo Liberation Army, Kumsa Diriba, spoke to the Associated Press about the alliance. He said, “The only solution now is overthrowing this government militarily, speaking the language they want to be spoken to.”

The conflicts in Ethiopia began in November after the latest election. There were political disputes between the Prime Minister and Tigray leaders who had run Ethiopia for nearly 30 years. Since November, there’s been a nine-month war that has taken its toll on every person in the country.

There have been thousands of deaths, and multiple militant members have raped women throughout the country. There have been minor penalties handed out in this time because chaos is ensuing throughout Africa’s second most populated country.

Diribia went onto say, “We have agreed on a level of understanding to cooperate against the same enemy, especially in military cooperation. It is underway.” The groups will share information critical to overthrowing the government and fight side by side in battle.

What Does the Ethiopia Alliance Mean?

The alliance means that the government will likely be overthrown in Ethiopia. More militant groups will join, and the power will be too extensive to stop. This will lead to more problems in the future when a new government needs to take over the nation.

There are discussions about political alliances, so a plan is established when the government is forcefully removed from office.

Diribia said, “There’s going to be a grand coalition against Abiy’s regime.” The alliance joins the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the Oromo Liberation Army. Ethiopia’s current regime declared that both these groups are domestic terrorism units. This may be accurate for some people, but the militant groups have a ton of support.

The current regime did not release any statements regarding the alliance, and they have tried to cover up the chaos in the nation. Many areas have been closed to outsiders, so journalists have experienced difficulty learning how citizens handle issues.

The one thing the government has been doing is recruiting extra military forces. Many Ethiopian ad campaigns are attempting to strengthen the national defense to protect against the militant groups.

With a bloody war occurring in the nation, this is a death wish for people who serve the government against the opposition regimes. The OLA and PLF do not have the same ideologies but working together attracts people to fight the government. The alliance is a sign that a lot more issues are going to spike in the nation.

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